Opportunity Financial Review

Opportunity Financial ReviewOpportunity Financial offers personal loans for individuals. It does its best to set their company apart from the others by offering a fast and friendly customer experience. They believe this is what led them to be a top rated lending firm in both Facebook and Google. It offers more to customers by giving credit education discounts with every loan. Payment histories are reported to the Bureau of TransUnion in order to help customers improve their credit ratings. It also promises larger amount of loans, affordable payments, lower interest rates and a secured website.

Opportunity Financial Review: Application Process

Opportunity Financial offers secure and advanced application process. Individuals looking for personal loans can access their site easily using any device, from personal computer, tablet to mobile phone. To apply, they must submit an online application form. Information entered will be quickly verified. The company will then notify applicant on how much loan is approved. The company will generate a loan agreement that states all the important details of the loan transaction. Once a loan application is approved, the funds will be deposited into his or her account the following business day. An Opportunity Financial account should be set up by every borrower to track balances. The application process can take only a few minutes if there are no problems.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for a personal loan, a borrower has to be 18 years old and above and has a stable income of no less than $1,500 a month. He must also have a bank account with a direct deposit feature. If it’s his first time to apply for a loan, he can get $1,000 to $10,000. However, be reminded that not all applications can be approved, and in some cases, the company would need to verify some information. They may ask certain documents to validate data provided by a loan applicant.

Terms, Repayment and Policies
The most common way of repayment is by payroll deductions. Other methods are offered, such as ach debit or electronic fund transfer where bank accounts are electronically debited the fixed amount due. Advanced repayments are not charged by the company, as well as additional payments. Doing these is easy. The borrower just has to login to his Opportunity Financial account and choose mentioned options.

Refinancing is possible, but eligibility varies by state. Typically, this is allowed after 76 days, or after 6 consecutive bi-weekly repayments.
Late payments for short-term loans may be subject to additional fees. These are all clearly specified in the loan contract, which is why it is best to carefully read and understand all information stated in this document. Nonpayment can lead to additional interest aside from late payment fees depending on the number of days it was late. These can affect credit scores. Take note that not all states offer installment loans, line of credit and lending.

Credit Education and Reporting
Opportunity Financial offers credit education courses online. These benefits borrowers because they will get a credit into their account, apart from learning important lessons on financial and credit management. The company offers credit reporting for up to date repayment, which helps them improve their credit profile.

Our Recommendation
Opportunity Financial is a highly recommendable personal loan provider. Currently, they are not yet offering lending product to all states, but they are working on expanding their services. The company offers a very systematic way to approach loan transactions. They have an easy to navigate website that provides all pertinent information a loan applicant may need. By the time you become an approved borrower, you can access your account with them and monitor your repayments, etc. This is advantageous because everything is clear to you. With a few click of your fingers and at the comfort of your own place, you can view your account.

Additionally, the company has been good in setting itself apart from the others by teaching customers about financial management through online courses. Their credit reporting is also undeniably helpful because it can help improve someone’s credit rating. As you notice, they implement strict rules on repayment, which goes to show that they are honest enough in doping business, and that they do not hide any charges. They will tell you upfront about late payment or non-repayment fees. To get in touch with them, you can simply call, email or write them.

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