Pacific Payday Loan Review

Pacific Payday Loan ReviewPacific Payday Loan is not a provider of payday loans. It does not extend loans for whatever reason since it is not a financial institution or lender.

Despite the name, the company is merely an advertising agency that focuses on safe and secure payday loans. It is intended to present options for short-term loans that don’t require credit checks and security deposits.

It can be considered a matching service, rather than a direct lender. These are the basic two types of payday companies out there, and it’s a good idea to know which one you’re doing business with.

Pacific Payday Loan Review – Not a Payday Loan Company

This point needs to be emphasized because the Pacific Payday Loan website actually looks like a typical payday loan company’s website. It presents an online form through which applicants can fill in their information. It also includes the promotional lines “safe and secure” and “all applications accepted.” However, it does not process loan applications. What the website does is to redirect applicants to the websites of payday loan companies that actually offer financial services.

How It Works
Pacific Payday Loan directs prospective loan applicants to the websites of payday loan companies through the prominent online form on its homepage. There are specific points on the form that opens pop-up windows when clicked. The link for those who want to get a checking account, for example, opens a pop up window. Clicking on the “yes” and “no” options under the form also open websites related to payday loan providers. Likewise, a click on the check box below the form opens another site related to payday loans.

Unfortunately, the main “Get Your Cash Now” link that is expected to point to the main payday loan company being advertised by the site fails to load. Only the links below the form are working. This setup does not feel intuitive. It would have been better if the site simply listed the different lending companies it recommends or advertises.

What Pacific Payday Loan Promises
The site promises to connect those who are looking for a payday loan service provider with companies that offer safe and secure services that don’t require credit investigations and collaterals or security deposits. It also presents an imposing “All Applications Accepted” statement on its homepage. This is a rather misleading statement. Logically, all applications will definitely be accepted. Whether they will be approved or declined is a different story. Every financial company is inclined to accept applications. The big question is if their loan applications will be approved based on the details submitted with the loan application.

Moreover, the site implies or indirectly states the requirements for loan applicants through the portion below the online application form. Accordingly, only US residents of legal age are qualified to apply for a loan. Regarding the amounts of loan obtainable, the site states that lenders can offer loans of up to $1,000. The amounts that can be granted expectedly vary depending on the company offering the loans. Similarly, there will be differences in the interest rates and fees based. State laws will also be considered in the setting of rates and fees.

Privacy Policy
The privacy policy of Pacific Payday Loan states that the company and its affiliates will disclose nonpublic personal information about prospective loan applicants to other companies that provide goods and services. It further states that non-public information is collected to facilitate the matching of those who want to apply for loans with lenders and brokers. This means that those who use the site should expect to receive a multitude of promotional materials from various lenders and payday loan companies. The site does not disguise the fact that it intends to obtain as much customer information as possible to connect lending companies to those who may be looking for loans.

Customer Service
The Pacific Payday Loan website does not present contact details. There is no telephone number, email address, or even an online contact form provided. Also, there is no mention of a physical office address. If customers would like to know more about the companies being advertised by the website, there is no way to get in touch. Nevertheless, in case a customer feels that the amount of promotional materials being sent is already overwhelming, there is an option to have them stopped. The website has an “unsubscribe” link near the bottom part to prevent lending companies associated with Pacific Payday Loan from sending marketing mails any further.

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