Paradise Payday Loans Review

Paradise Payday Loans ReviewParadise Payday Loans is a website that is trying to collect your personal and banking details so that they can forward your information to an affiliate program called Pingtree. After analyzing how this system is set up we’ve determined that it’s not in your best interest to go with them.

Your information has value, and you should only go with a service that is looking out for your best interested. Check out and you’ll see that they are not concerned about the borrower, but only the affiliate and how much commission they can get out of the deal. It’s all in black and white.

Paradise Payday Loans Review

There are a few too many unanswered questions when it comes to Paradise Payday Loans. Then we finally found their loan conditions which explained a lot. They are basically an affiliate for a company called Pingtree. They are designed with the affiliate in mind, not with the consumer. They will try to line you up with a lender that pays the affiliate the largest amount of commission, not the lender that has the best rates, or that accepts your criteria. This is not a win-win for the company and for you, it is just a self-serving set-up that you don’t need to be involved in.

A proper matching service will make sure that you’re dealing with reputable lenders, and will make sure that the lender will be a good fit for the amount of money you need to borrow. This is just a horrible set up from a consumer standpoint.

Affiliation with Kiva
Paradise Payday Loans is not supported by Kiva, and they need to add the word “of” to their line that says “proud supporters”. It should read that they are proud supporters of Kiva, not proud supporters with the Kiva logo underneath. This misrepresents the situation. Be assured that Kiva does not support Paradise Payday Loans, but rather at some point someone at Paradise Payday Loans donated at least $25 to help an impoverished entrepreneur in a third world country.

Features and Benefits Listed
They say that the least you can borrow is $80 which is about $20 less than most places. This comes in handy when you don’t have a very big emergency because your loan amount plays such a big part in how large your fees are, and whether you’ll get stuck in the payday loan trap. They also say that the max is $1000 so they might not be able to provide enough for you if you’re going through a big financial crisis and need more than that.

They say you can apply 24 hours a day, and they say that the money is instantly deposited, which is a claim made by many lenders, but one that is usually negated in the fine print with a reminder that even though they may process your loan right away it may take several hours or the next business day for your bank to clear the transaction. They even say that you can apply on a bank holiday and they’ll still release the funds the same day, but of course you’ll have to wait to get access to them.

No Phones
Paradise Payday Loans says that there aren’t any phone calls necessary, so you can do the entire process online, and verify things over email apparently since they also say that they are a no fax service. They say there are no hidden costs, but isn’t that what a lender with hidden costs would say as well. If you tell someone about hidden costs they’re not hidden anymore. They really play up just how fast the loan will take, saying that the application take just a minute, and that 15 minutes later the cash is released.

Our Recommendation
If the folks at Paradise Payday Loans would put their application on a secure server so that https shows in the address bar, we might be able to give them the go ahead. But aside from that they simply don’t provide enough information about who they are, and why you should do business with them. At first we were unable to find a terms and conditions link so that you can see all the fine print, and to find out whether they are a direct lender, or if they are simply collecting your information to pass it on to other lenders. Turns out they’re neither, just an affiliate.

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