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Pay Loan Today ReviewPay Loan Today claims to be able to give you an approval in seconds, with no credit check, no paperwork, and they say they can get just about anyone approved. We’ve seen claims like this plenty of times before, so let’s delve further to see if it pans out.

It’s important for a company like this to win you over as far as deciding whether to do business with them or not. Remember, even though you’re the one that is having a financial emergency, there are so many lenders that you have a lot of places to choose from and you can pick the best one that is suited to your needs. Don’t just go with the first lender that sounds like they are offering you a good deal.

That being said, you’ll eventually need to decide on a lender in order to get the process started and get your money into your account. So you don’t want to spend too long fussing over the details because you could already have your money waiting for you in your account. They are pretty straightforward, and they are basically telling you that they will find you a lender that is going to give you a pretty high APR, and they note that you are getting an expensive form of credit in return for them not caring too much about your credit history.

Pay Loan Today Review – Highlights

Pay Loan Today claims to be committed to the quality of their service, and they even say they are committed to you. They want to stress that poor credit is okay with them, because they won’t use that as the basis of their decision when they are determining whether you can get the funds or not. They say that their website is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and that it is 100 percent secure. The only thing is that most lenders that have a website can say the same thing about their service. It’s hard to locate anything about pay loans today that sets them apart from any of the competitors.

The Lending Process
The first order of business is choosing which state you reside in, as well as how much you want to take out. You can take out between $100 and $1000, and the funds arrive into your bank account via direct deposit. They say that the loan application takes just 3 minutes to fill out and that your application is kept secure and private throughout the entire process. It’s clear that the application form is hosted on a secure server, the same sort of protection you get from banks and other financial institutions.

Why Go With Them
Pay Loan Today is battling in a very competitive marketplace so may need to prove that they can offer you something that other lenders can’t. Most of the time this comes in the form of customer service, so you want to make sure that you’ll be able to reach a real person if you have a question or if you are wondering how to process is going. The phone number they provide is not a toll free number, but rather an area code that is the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles California. This is a bit unusual as most lenders will give you a toll free number, so that you can contact them from anywhere in the United States for free.

Any Other Options
When in need of money quickly it is important not to make any rash decisions. You’ll need to weigh all the pros and cons of a short term loan, and look at all the different types of loans you may be eligible for. It could be that a payday loan like this is your best bet, or you may be better served by a title loan or an installment loan. They use the value of your car to act as collateral so you can get more favorable rates and pay the loan off over time. Installment loan will give you the money you need today but let you make smaller payments over a year or more so that you don’t get bogged down by one big payment.

Our Recommendation
Pay Loan Today might be a good choice for those looking for a short term solution to their financial problem. You always need to look at the numbers to see whether a loan like this make sense, because if you get behind on it you’ll only be stuck paying the loan off again and again and having to take out the money week after week, paycheck after paycheck, and the fees can really add up over the long term.

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