Payday Hooray Review

Payday Hooray ReviewPayday Hooray would have you believe that you’re actually going to say horray over a payday loan. Only if they provided an amazing service would you be able to get excited over the fact that you’re going to be paying ridiculously high fees to borrow money for a short period of time. So let’s see what they offer.

They say that they have “low fees” but when we tried to click on their Rates page our browser told us that we were not on a secure site and recommended that we clicked the Back button in order to return to safety. They said that attackers might be trying to steal our information if we proceeded, and that there was a privacy error. Not good, and not the sort of thing you want to see on a site that is all about collecting our financial information and staring a healthy business relationship with you. Strike one.

So let’s continue on, back to safety and see what else they can provide. Let’s click on the logo that says Site Verified with a padlock on it and see if it actually is. When we click on it, nothing happens. Interesting, so it’s just used to make you think that the site is secured, when in actuality it seems like it is not secured at all. Strike two.

Payday Hooray Review – The Real Info

Payday Hooray already has two strikes against it in the form of what appears to be an insecure website. Keep in mind that site security should be the number one issue you look for when deciding whether to apply with a company or not. This is because you’ll be sending over your personal, banking, and employment information, basically the blueprint for your life that is all identity thieves need to take over and start ruining your credit and living off of your data.

Any Value to the Customer?
They are not a direct lender, but they could still provide you with customer service and information on payday loans so that you can make an informed decision on whether this is a good idea for you or not. They don’t provide anything like that, and the very few links they do have on their page all take you to an application. It’s pretty clear that they only care about getting their money, which only happens by you filling out the application.

But there’s just no way to know what will happen to your application when you submit it. Where will it go? Who will see it? Will it be the right people or the wrong people? These are questions that need answers before you apply with them, not after. Why not provide this information to consumers instead of having no information at all?

What They Need to Do
First, get the security issues fixed, they need to have a secure site, not just a logo of a padlock that says secured, but in actuality does not mean anything at all and is actually misleading people into thinking they are on a secure site. Secure means https in the address bar, without any privacy conflicts that the browsers warns you about. Also, make it so you have some information for consumers about payday loans, the dangers that payday loans have, and whether it’s a good idea, rather than just trying to get people to apply so you can get your small commission. They need to take a consumer focused approach, rather than just being in it for the money.

Our Recommendation
Payday Hooray does not get our recommendation and did not make us say hooray at all. They appear to have spent more money coming up with their cute logo and name than they did securing the site or providing any sort of information that is helpful to the consumer. It appears that all they’ve done is put up an application that is not even their own application but rather an embedded application from an unknown provider. This is not the sort of site you want to give your information to, but if they fix the problems we’d be happy to review them again at a later date.

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