Payday Loan Helpers Review

Payday Loan Helpers ReviewPayday Loan Helpers, as the name implies, is attempting to help you out of your payday loan debt. Of course they’re not a white knight here to help you in your time of need, but they may be able to make things easier for you, and also make a profit. So let’s explore further into what sort of service this is, and what kind of relief you can expect.

What’s interesting is that many people don’t view payday loans as debt, since they are often pitched as a way to help in an emergency situation. But if you’ve fallen into the payday loan trap you’ve realized that this is a vicious cycle and what was supposed to save you is not holding you down. In many instances it’s costing borrowers over a hundred dollars per month just to keep things going.

Breaking this cycle can free you of making these payments, which tend to linger on long after the financial emergency has passed, and then just become another bill that you have to pay. For example, let’s say you needed $300 for car repairs. You took out a $300 payday loan, got the car fixed, and continued on as normal. But when payday came around you had to come up with the $300 you borrowed, plus the fee, let’s say it was $45. After you make your payment you realize that you’re a few hundred dollars short on things like groceries and other monthly bills, so you end up re-loaning.

What you’ve really done is transferred the car repair problem to your other monthly responsibilities. The car repairs have been made, but now you don’t have enough money to pay for things like utilities, food, and sometimes even rent. This is why it is a trap, because the emergency gets blended in with your other bills that must be paid each month, and that’s how it ends up sticking around for months and months unless you take steps to get out of the trap.

Our Payday Loan Helpers Review

Payday Loan Helpers says that they can consolidate your different payday loans so that you’re only making one payment. This alone can do wonders because you get into the old robbing Peter to pay Paul each payday when you take out one payday loan to pay off another and then try to live off of what’s left. If you have to personally drive to each lender this could also be eating up a lot of time and gas money, making the problem even worse.

They say they will also negotiate with your lenders on your behalf, trying to get the minimum payments possible, or perhaps extensions without late fees and other penalties. The combination of getting lower balances, and then getting a new loan to pay them all off is a pretty powerful concept. You could try to negotiate on your own, but most people don’t know how to go about it, which is why it’s better to let the pros handle it.

Why It Might Work
Everyone knows that payday loans are notoriously overpriced. This means that there is a lot of room to work with in between the rates that payday lenders charge, and what banks charge. It’s a way for Payday Loan Helpers to step in and create a win win for everyone. The payday loan place wins because even if they take a smaller amount, at least they’re getting paid. And Payday Loan Helpers wins because it’s almost as if they’ve stepped in on the dance floor and taken you over as a dance partner. Now they get your money instead of the original lender.

And finally, you win because you don’t have to feel lousy about being in a mess with a bunch of payday loans and feeling like you’ll never get out of them, no matter what you do. The feeling of being overwhelmed never does anyone any good, so the peace of knowing that you only have to make one payment, and that with each payment you’re getting closer to no more payments, makes it worth it. Taking out loan after loan just makes you feel like you’ll never be OK, and those lousy feelings can make the process go on and on for months, even years.

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