Payday Loan Today Reviews

Payday Loan Today ReviewsPayday Loan Today looks innocuous enough, with their bright cheerful sunny logo and phrases like “let us brighten up your day”. However, you probably know better than to be lulled into a sense of security or think that this company is going to do you a favor.

Friendly payday loans is a bit of an oxymoron, so there is some irony with trying to make a site and service look so cheerful and upbeat. Chances are you are going through a rough time right now, and aren’t in the sunniest mindset. While it is nice to try to feel your best throughout the whole ordeal, you should not get those warm fuzzy feelings from a place that is trying to rake you over the coals with their fees.

They say that if you simply have a job and a checking account you are automatically prequalified for as little as $500, and it goes up from there based on how much you earn with each paycheck. They say there are no credit checks involved, and you don’t have to fill out a long application, which can be to deterrents when you are comparing different lenders. Filling out a very lengthy application only to get denied can be very frustrating. And having your credit checked when these lenders already know you probably don’t have the best credit, is pretty silly.

Genuine Payday Loan Today Reviews

One thing you’ll notice about trying to find payday loan reviews for lenders is that it’s hard to find people that are willing to give their honest opinion about their experience. What you’ll probably notice is there are a lot of people saying they didn’t really like the loan process, but that is pretty much aacross the board and it’s hard to find people that would give a glowing review of a payday lender. It’s just the nature of the beast.

However, this company seems like they are tuned into current best practices of the payday loan industry. This includes a secure website, customer service where you can actually reach a real person, and ways to keep in touch with the company directly through social media. It may sound a little odd, but these little differences are the sort of things that you need to look for when comparing the different lenders. If you see an updated website and no sign of it being updated, or any real person on the other end, that should be a red flag.

Signs of Life
Seeing a payday lender that actually maintains a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel, and even a Pinterest wall is pretty interesting, since few other companies are doing this. If a company is paying attention to the little things they are probably getting the big things right as well. A quick application process, and money wired to your account overnight seems like a pretty good set up. Since it would be easy to reach them socially, and they make it easy to contact them and reach a sales rep during business hours, they are getting bonus points.

Why the Little Things Are Important
At the end of the day all of these lenders are selling the same exact product: money and time. There’s only so much you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition, since in many instances the fees are going to be regulated by the state, or they will be similar because of the law of supply and demand. So when you are basically selling the same products, you have to take time to get the little things right, and that includes customer service and ease-of-use at the website.

We are going to give our recommendation to Payday Loan Today as a company that is trying to do its best to carve out a place for itself in a crowded marketplace. With big national chains expanding across the country, it is nice to see that an online lender is giving a strong go at becoming a major player in the industry.

It will be interesting to see what sort of services they provide in the future in addition to payday loans. Most lenders end up offering other financial services and this gives you an idea of what kind of future they are trying to make for themselves.

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