Payday Loan Yes Reviews

Payday Loan Yes ReviewsPayday Loan Yes has a pretty basic looking website, which probably leads many people to try to find reviews before going ahead with a transaction at their site. They say they can get you a payday loan without having faxing information in, and being able to apply online. They also say that they secure and discreet transaction, and they won’t check your credit.

The thing with all of those claims is that they are true for any payday loan that you go with. A payday loan company couldn’t stand business if they didn’t make it a discreet transaction, if they did check your credit, and if they provided an insecure site to do business on. So none of what they are saying is really remarkable, or leads someone to want to do business with them over a competitor.

They also say they’ve “been around the block” which we don’t really know what they’re trying to convey with that, so We’ll just leave it alone. A lot of the terminology used at their site is a bit awkward, and basically the whole thing seems immature and unprofessional. We would never do business with a company that had a site that looks like the official site of Payday Loan Yes.

Payday Loan Yes Reviews

There have been complaints lodged against Payday Loan Yes, which is not surprising because almost every single payday loan company on the planet has had negative reviews and complaints lodged because people get upset with money matters, especially when they are in a situation where they need to borrow money in an emergency. However it seems like there are plenty of negative reviews, and we haven’t been able to find a single person out there that is given Payday Loan Yes a thumbs up.

The common complaint seems to be that Payday Loan Yes put the money into your account before you actually authorize the transaction. Other claims are that they don’t include a routing number, so your bank can’t send the money back, and they end up trying to take the money out before the date that was in the loan agreement. All of these are good reasons to pass on doing business with them.

A Direct Lender
Payday Loan Yes is a direct lender, and not a broker that just farmers your information out to direct lenders. They will be the ones depositing the money into your account, and also the ones that you’ll be paying back on payday. We usually recommend going with a payday loan broker instead of trying to find a direct lender. This is because you’re able to fill out just one application, and have it look bad by dozens of direct lenders all at once, and a good broker will match your request and information up as best lender for you.

The alternative is sorting through all of these websites from direct lenders and trying to decipher which one is better than another. In most instances there isn’t much difference between one lender and the next, because quality lenders will have to abide by payday loan legislature that regulates how much they can charge and when your loan will be due. That’s why we recommend avoiding a headache and just filling out one application at a broker instead of the direct lender.

What Do They Bring to the Table?
IF you are going to deal direct with a lender, they better have something going for them other than the basic necessities of any payday loan company. For example are they able to get the money into your account more quickly then another company? Are they able to provide better customer service then another company? Do they have a solid track record? When it comes to Payday Loan Yes, they just don’t bring enough to the table to make you want to do business with them over someone else.

Our Recommendation
We recommend against dealing with Payday Loan Yes directly, and recommend filling out one application with a quality payday loan broker. This way your information is kept secure on a site that looks like it was built in this millennium, annually matched up with a payday lender quickly and easily. One of our recommendations for a good payday loan broker is Flash Payday Loan.

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