Payday Loans 6 Months Review

Payday Loans 6 Months ReviewPayday Loans 6 Months says that you can get up to $1500 in your account today, but the real surprise is that they keep talking about 6 months. What’s the deal with that, since most payday loans are only until your next payday, by definition.

Most people would love to have six months to pay off their payday loan, but that makes it more of an installment loan than a payday loan. The payday loan trap is set by the fact that you have to come up with a large sum on your next payday, and often this amount represents a large chunk of your paycheck and you need to take the loan out again in order to make it until your following payday. By giving you a six month window they are in fact taking out this very important part of the payday loan trap.

So let’s look more into what they mean by six months and what this really looks like in terms of your loan and paying back the money you borrow. Surely there are rules in place that make it so they will still get a tidy sum in terms of profit, or they wouldn’t be offering the loans in the first place.

Payday Loans 6 Months Review – The Details

Payday Loans 6 Months is pretty vague about the details, at least on their homepage, the page that is designed to get you to apply for the loan rather than tell you exactly what it is you’re applying for. You can apply on their “2 Minutes” application, which shows that maybe this site doesn’t have very good English skills or maybe it’s just a typo, which means they didn’t spend much time looking the site over for mistakes and just threw it up, either way it’s a red flag when there’s a glaring mistake like this on the application page. The application is not hosted by them, which is another red flag, and it’s not hosted on a secure server, which is pretty much strike three and you’re out.

What They Really Are
Payday Loans 6 Months is just a site that is trying to collect your application so they can send it off to who knows where. They are enticing you with the idea of having six months time to pay back the loan, when in fact there is little likelihood that you will find a lender through them that is willing to do this. They do not give specifics as to how much you’ll need to pay each month of this six month loan, and they do not lend you any money as they are not a lender and not a broker, but instead bill themselves as a matching service.

But we’re going to say that they’re not a matching service either. A matching service is one that will match your data with the appropriate lender. They appear to only send your data to an affiliate program which is why they do not host their own application but rather embed a generic application onto their site. They are not a matching service, but rather an affiliate for payday lenders.

The big draw here is the six months, but don’t get your hopes up that they will find you a lender that will give you a loan that you need to repay in six months time. You’ll instead want to search for installment loans, which are growing in popularity as payday loans become known for the trouble they cause.

Our Recommendation
Payday Loans 6 Months does not get our recommendation, and in our opinion is nothing more than a affiliate site for payday lenders, offering very little in the way of value to the customer, and misleading the visitor into thinking that they’re applying for a six month loan, when in fact they are simply submitting their personal information over a questionable encryption process, with no idea of where the information is going and where it will end up.

If you want to use a real matching service for installment loans, it’s best to change your search terms in the search engine so you find a better site to submit your information to.

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