Payday Loans for USA Review

Payday Loans for USA ReviewPayday Loans for USA is basically a directory of payday lenders broken down by state. You should be able to use it to find a list of lenders that will lend you cash until your next payday.

At least that is what they would like you to think, but really all it is is a listing of city names, with a Google map embedded into the page. All they are really trying to do is get you to their application form in order to apply for a loan. There’s nothing wrong with this obviously, every business is trying to make a buck, but we think that a company should offer some value to the visitor, and not just phony city listings with carbon copy text and no help to the end user.

At first this sounds like a really good service, one that would show you different lenders across the country and list what sort of services each one provides. But that is not the case, and what’s really going on is far less helpful. The website itself is just a big waste of time for the visitor, and there’s only one true page at the site, their application page.

Payday Loans for USA Review – What Do They Do?

Payday Loans for USA would like you to believe that they are outlining all of the areas in which they cover as far as picking out a payday loan, but really what they say are attempting to do here is to guide you to their application form, where you will become a lead for payday lenders.

Not much information is given as to what sort of businesses, and you have to go into their disclaimer to find out that they are not a lender and that they are calling themselves a matching service. “Matching service” is pretty much an overused term in this industry, and it sounds good but in reality they’re likely isn’t much matching going on. What is really happening is they will forward your information to multiple lenders and the lenders can decide if they want to contact you for a loan.

What a True Matching Service Does
A quality matching service will take your information, and match it with a lender that meets your needs. They will also give you information on the lending process, including what you can expect, how long the process takes, as well as whether getting a payday loan is right for your situation. Here, they do none of that, so you are left with very little in the way of value, and basically if you fill out the application you are submitting your personal information to a company that provides next to no information about themselves. That is not a good deal for you no matter how you cut it, especially when there are tons of businesses out there that disclose far more about themselves and have more secure applications.

Their Schtick
The gimmick bet they are using here is they are trying to make it seem like they had actually have physical locations in each other the cities in the United States of America. But really they have just rounded up all of the different cities in each state, shown them on a map, and it said that they cover those areas. What they are really saying is they will pass your application onto lenders that do business in these states, and if a lender can do business in a state they can do business in any city within that state so it is kind of redundant to list hundreds of cities when they could simply list each state.

Our Recommendation
Payday Loans for USA is an example of a matching service that you would want to avoid because there isn’t much chance that they’ll actually match you with a lender. In reality what’s really happening is they are only in it for the Commission’s del receive when you fill out their form and they pass your information to actual lenders. There are better quality matching service is out there that will really match you up with a good lender so you don’t have to fill out forms of applications.

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