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This payday loans guide will flat out tell you they are not usually a good idea. Even if you get payday loan reviews beforehand, and While you may have a very legitimate need for the money, it doesn’t make much sense to pay a lot for it, and get yourself into an even bigger financial hole. Many people end up re-loaning the money several times (sometimes for more than a year) and so the cost of the original money you borrowed becomes astronomical. Use this payday loans guide as a tool to avoid calamity.

Payday Loans Guide and Advice

A Payday Loans Guide example: Let’s say you take out a loan for $500 and you pay $50 as a fee. When your payday comes around it’s likely that you won’t be able to take a chunk of it and pay your loan off in full. You could, but you wouldn’t be able to make it till next payday without having to re-loan so you decide just to re-loan on the due date. You bring in $550 to pay off the loan and the fee. Then you immediately take out another $500 loan.

What have you really done in essence? You’ve really only borrowed the same $500 that you initially needed, but now you’ve borrowed it twice. So now you’re going to pay $100 to borrow $500. That’s only if you borrow it twice. Many payday loans guide customers take out the same loan again and again and end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to borrow the $500 or $600 they originally needed. That is not smart money according to this payday loans guide.

payday loans guide

Payday Loans Guide Tip: The best way to do it is to ask a family member. Yes, it can be hard or embarrassing to ask for money, but you’ll end up saving so much that it’s worth the humiliation. There’s no way a family member would have you keep paying a fee every time you need to borrow the money back, and they’ll probably give you more time to pay it back than the standard two weeks. Using the same $500 example, a family member or close friend might let you pay back $100 every month for 5 months. Payday Loans Guide Suggestion: You can even give them the $50 that you would have paid to a payday loans guide company as a way of saying thank you and to show that you understand the value of money.

So you just don’t want to ask a family member? Payday loans reviews recommends one strategy that works similar to the family member, but using a payday advance company instead is to take your loan amount down by $50 or $100 each time you loan again. This process of weening yourself off will end up saving you a bundle by reducing the amount of fees you pay in total. Another strategy is to pay back your initial loan, and then go as long as you possibly can before going back in to re-loan. Payday Loans Guide Interesting Point: You might find that you could in fact make it to your next payday and didn’t need the loan at all. Or you might find that you needed far less than you thought and were able to take out a smaller loan to meet your needs till pay day.

Payday Loans Guide Warning: If you end up paying $50 every two weeks to keep taking out a payday loan, that’ s $100 ever month that goes up in smoke. You aren’t getting anything for your money at this point. That kind of money could instead be buying you tangible goods, or going into an emergency savings account so you’ll be prepared for next time. Before you do anything though, get a good amount of payday loans reviews before you start. If you were able to save $100 a month instead of spending it on payday loan fees, you’d only need to do so for 6 months and then you wouldn’t need to get a payday loan again in your life. Hopefully this payday loans guide has given you some insight into the industry.

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