Payday Loans in Miami

Payday loans in Miami follow the Florida regulations and You can get up to $500. Be wary of a lender in Miami offering you more than this amount. You will have from 7 to 31 days to pay off the loan, all depending on how often you’re paid by your employer, and how long it is until your next payday.

The limit for the finance rate is 10%, but they lenders are also allowed to charge a verification fee. They can’t go higher than a $15 finance charge if you take out a $100 loan and the typical time should be about 14 days. If possible, you should be strategic about when you take out your loan. If you will only get the money for a week, it makes sense to wait until the lender is forced to give you until the payday after next. This gives you more time to pay the loan off and reduces the calculated APR. As it stands the APR is still 390% on a 14-day $100 loan with a $15 charge.

In some states you can have more than one loan out at a time. But in Miami you are only allowed to have one loan outstanding at any given time. There are no rollovers. This occurs when you pay the fee but keep the money until your next payday. Many states don’t allow this and Florida is one of them. They have a cooling off law for payday loans in Miami so you are allowed to change your mind within 24 hours of taking out a loan and not have to pay the fee if you return the cash.

The state of Florida, and therefore payday loans in Miami offer a repayment plan in case you can’t cover the amount of the loan on your payday. Lenders may not take criminal action towards you if you are not able to repay your loan. They can add an NSF fee if they try to cash your check and incur a fee because of it.

payday loans in Miami

Featured Payday Loans in Miami

Advance America

Advance America has a branch making it relatively easy to get payday loans in Miami. They are one of the biggest payday lenders in the nation and offer a straightforward service. You’ll need to bring your most recent bank statement, your ID, your most recent paycheck stub, and your Social Security card if your SSN isn’t on your pay stub. You can either visit their local branches in Miami, or you can apply for a loan online. Give them a call at 305-649-8190 or visit their website at

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Check N’ Go
Check N’ Go is one of the major payday loan lenders in the United States of America. You can’t get as big as this without doing something right, at least in the beginning. Compared to their competition they seem to be able to bring new products and services to the market. They were first to offer additional money services like pre-paid debit cards and tax services.You can call them at 305-856-0075 or visit

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Ace Cash Express
This provider has multiple locations in Miami and offers a wide arrangement of loans and financial products and services, from payday loans, to online cash advances, to title loans and auto insurance. You can either visit their local branches in Miami, or you can apply for a loan online. Give them a call at 866-223-2274 or visit their website at

A Last Resort
No matter which payday lender you go with it’s a matter of picking the best of a bad bunch. Don’t think for a moment that any of these companies are doing you a favor or rescuing you from financial ruin. They are all designed to make your financial situation worse and to prey on your vulnerability of being in a tough situation. They make most of their money from repeat business so do your best to avoid them if at all possible.

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