Review is a website that tries to get you to sign up for a payday loan, but it’s unclear as to how involved they get in the actual process. From our best estimates it’s simply a site that forwards its traffic to an application, but aside from that they don’t say too much about who they are and what they do.

When it comes to lending money it’s a two way street. The lender wants to know about you, since they’re hoping to get a return on their investment, and you want to know about them, since they’re going to have access to your personal information and banking numbers.

What their strategy seems to be is to try to rank for the term payday loans, and by getting a domain name that matches that search term they are hoping people click to their site and then click on the apply now tab, or call the toll free number. That’s not their application page, nor is it their toll free number, even though they try to make it seem like it is. You’re actually being taken to an undisclosed third party and asked for your information. The domain name is but there is no logo or information given about who they are.

Calling the toll free number they provide gets you in touch with another company as well, and at no time do they identify themselves as The information they provide in their FAQ and on other areas of the site is scant at best, and we couldn’t find any pressing reason to give them a shred of identifiable information.

Our Review

From what we can determine doesn’t really do too much other than occupy some space on the web and forward you to a lead generation website in return for affiliate commissions. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with trying to make money, but it’s kind of like getting the runaround when you can either deal directly with a lender, or deal directly with a matching service. Why take one more step by using their site, when you can simply go with other options that are readily available?

Not a Lender
They are definitely not a direct lender. A direct lender is a company that will actually be giving you their own money, and it’s akin to dealing direct with a manufacturer. There’s no middleman, but there’s typically no big benefit to doing so. You don’t pay a fee to use a matching service, but often a direct lender can give you a yes or no more quickly since they answer to themselves and can make their own determination on whether to lend money or not.

A Matching Service?
They say that they match you up with a lender, but we’re not so sure that they do that either. When you click on their application button you are taken to an entirely new domain name, where the common practice of a matching service is to keep you on their own site. A true matching service will take the information you provide, such as your monthly income and the loan amount you’re looking for and find a lender that is known to lend to those values, saving you the hassle of filling out apps that end up getting rejected.

Better Options Exist
No matter if you want to go with a direct lender, or use a matching service, there are better options than going with They bring almost nothing to the table as far as reasons to go with them over anyone else. The fact that when you call the toll free number they provide it’s just a general payday application phone service, and not branded as The same is true with the application page. The most likely explanation is that they are merely an affiliate for some sort of generic matching service that doesn’t even have a name.

Our Recommendation
You should go with a branded, all-in-one service that gets good reviews and has a track record or satisfying their customers. Your time and your information are valuable, and you don’t want to send off applications to companies that aren’t being completely open about how they do business. There are just too many unknowns here, and very little in the way of reliable information that makes you feel secure enough to cough up your banking information.

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