Payday Loans Turbo Review

Payday Loans Turbo ReviewPayday Loans Turbo says you can get up to $1000 into your account without having to fax anything. They say there’s no troublesome paperwork and you don’t have to worry about your credit situation because bad credit is OK.

So how can you know if all of these promises will be fulfilled, since almost every site you see in the loan industry makes these same promises? The key is to dig a little deeper and see what else they have to offer that separates them from other sites.

We searched this site from top to bottom to determine whether they are worth doing business with, and we couldn’t find any reason to go with them over another matching service. There isn’t much in the way of added value, and it seems that this is one company that you will likely want to steer clear of.

Payday Loans Turbo Review – The Basics on What They Do

Payday Loans Turbo is one company that isn’t going to give you any money because they are not a direct lender. They are what we call a matching service, and they are simply here to try to get your application submitted so they can get paid. That’s how they make their money. To fully understand how the industry works you have to realize that the only companies that will loan to you are called direct lenders, and they usually work through an intermediary like this because it’s easier than trying to come up with your own website and get it ranked by the search engines.

Think about it, if you were a lender would you want to worry about making a website and then figuring out how to get the website ranked so that people can find it? No, you would rather leave that to another company and then pay them a small fee each time they send you a qualified borrower. So that’s why we find hundreds of matching services, because they don’t require much money to get started.

Security Matters
If you go with this site you’ll be submitting your information over a secure server, which is one step that some sites don’t even bother doing. This is one thing you’ll always want to check. You can do so quite easily by seeing whether the address at the top of your browser starts with http or https. Https means that you are on a secure server, the same sort of encryption your bank uses to protect your online account.

You always want to go with a quality company because how you do one thing is how you do everything, and if they have a poor quality site you can believe that they likely didn’t spend time finding good lenders to go with and just signed up with an affiliate program or just tapped into a pre-established list of lenders. There are other matching services out there that filter out lenders and screen them for quality.

Their Blog
Payday Loans Turbo has a blog that they update somewhat regularly. The blog posts are kind of a mess, and you don’t really get much information from them, so it’s unclear why they are working at keeping it updated. If this blog had some good information, and if they provided any sort of customer service, we might be able to recommend them to you, but as it stands there isn’t much going on here, and this seems like a pretty weak effort on someone’s part to put up a site that isn’t quite good enough to beat out the competition.

Our Recommendation
Payday Loans Turbo is not one of the matching services that we’d recommend. There’s an amateur quality to this site that leads us to believe that there isn’t much going on behind the scenes here as far as getting any form of customer service, or having anyone to answer any questions you may have. There are bigger outfits when it comes to matching services, and even though they do have some of their bases covered by providing a secure server, they are not exactly making it seem like they are the best company to do business with.

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