Payday Loans Without Problems Review

Payday Loans Without Problems ReviewIf you’ve got 99 problems and don’t want a payday loan to be one of them, Payday Loans Without Problems is a site that would interest you. But let’s see if they really live up to their name, or if it’s just a cute gimmick to get you to apply for a loan.

They have the usual promise of getting $1000 into your account “today” which we see all over the payday industry and which rarely happens unless you go in person to a branch and they put cash into your hand. So already we’re a little leery because this may be seen as a problem you don’t want to deal with later after you apply and you don’t end up getting money in your account do to a technicality like you didn’t apply during the right times.

Next, they say that their application process is entirely online, which is good to hear if you’re in a remote location and don’t have a fax machine. They won’t need you to fax anything or come to a branch, which can be very helpful for certain situations. Let’s see what their application page looks like.

Payday Loans Without Problems Review – Any Problems?

Payday Loans Without Problems has an application page that is not on a secure server and which uses an embedded application that is pulled from a different site and which uses affiliate tracking to make sure that they are getting paid for sending people’s application over. Over to where, who knows!

More Money, More Problems
We’re here to blow the whistle on sites like this and show who they really are. Here’s what they want to have happen. They want you to search for payday loans without problems, find their site, think that you’re going to get a payday loan without a problem, and apply through them. They collect a commission if you take out a loan through any lender that offers you a loan, and that’s it, that’s all they want to do. They are not making any sort of guarantee on whether you’re going to have a good experience with the lender that decides to lend to you. That doesn’t matter to them at all, all they are in it for is the commission they get from sending applications over.

What Should Happen
Payday Loans Without Problems should be recommending lenders that they have personally verified to offer a good experience to borrowers. That would be the only way they could live up to their name and actually provide a service to people that are looking for quality loans. With so many scams out there that are set up to take people’s money after they give them their banking details, it makes sense that they would want to help people find loans with no problems. But that’s not what they’re doing at all, and it’s a shame.

Our Recommendation
Payday Loans Without Problems is not recommended, and is not providing a service to anyone. They are simply a middle man that is sending application over an insecure connection to an affiliate program so they can make a few bucks. That’s all they’re doing, and there is no verification that the lenders they will send your application to will give you problems or not. Also, there’s no way to know where your application goes after you submit it, so please think twice about using this site.

It’s unfortunate that there are people out there that would want to mislead you into thinking that you’re going to get payday loans without any problems, without actually doing any sort of verifying that the lenders are stand up lenders, and not like all the rest that just want to get people locked into the payday loan trap and suck money from them each month.

What they could do to make this a good site is find a high quality national lender that they would recommend to people that pretty much guarantees they’re going to have a good experience with good customer service. They could set it up so they get a commission for sending people to that lender, but that’s not what is happening here.

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