Payday OK Review

We have received many requests for a Payday OK review and we have finally made our determination. Payday OK is a service from Payday One which is a subsidiary of ThinkCash. Although we gave our first positive review on the ThinkCash service, we are going to recommend against getting a loan from Payday One and our Payday OK review is going to be a bad one. This is because the two services are very different, with ThinkCash being a loan that you can pay off over time, and Payday One being akin to taking out a payday loan from a nearby brick-and-mortar lender.

Payday OK Review – It’s no ThinkCash.

All of the problems that ThinkCash solves by letting you make payments on the loan are present in a Payday One loan, and that’s why our Payday OK review is against taking out a loan through Payday One. The sense of urgency that they instill at their website by putting down a timer counting down the amount of time you have left if you want to see the money in your account tomorrow is indicative of the frenzy they want to create in your mind that you absolutely must have the money now.

In very rare instances do you need to have money right this instant. However, it is easy to feel as if you need to have the money immediately. People pay for their impatience, and in the instance of this Payday OK review, people are willing to pay what equates to an APR of 600%. That’s borderline insane. If a credit card showed up in the mail and boasted a 600% APR you’d never use it. If you did use it, you’d never be able to pay if off, even if you just put $50 on it.

If you take out a loan in Texas for $1000 and get the money for 14 days until your next payday, you will have to pay back $1228.84. That’s $228.84 that basically goes towards nothing. That’s real money that could buy real things, and what did it really do for you? How can spending an extra few hundred dollars get you anywhere closer to financial steadiness? If you run into spotty financial times the answer is not to throw more money down the toilet, according to this Payday OK review. Let the buildings crash to the ground and start rebuilding. Don’t try to slap up a crumbling building with wet cement and faulty bricks and hope it dries in time and holds itself up. Sometimes things need to be destroyed before they can be rebuilt. Take your lumps, resolve to do better and let the chips fall where they may in the meantime.

Payday OK Review

The biggest problem with payday lenders and the opinion of this Payday OK review is that they prey on human emotions and tendencies. They know people are going to mismanage their finances. They know that there is a giant need for financial eduction in the United States. They know that people will live beyond their means. They know and they try to take advantage of the situation. The only reason places like these thrive is that they get repeat business. If their service actually helped people get out of debt, they wouldn’t get repeat business because they would actually solve the problem in the first place. The very fact that people need to take out payday loans again and again is proof that they are no solution but a further problem for individuals.

So to make this an easy decision and to wrap up this Payday OK review, stay clear of anything that walks and talks like a payday loan. The only thing that will help you out of your financial crisis, if it is a crisis, is better choices with your money and more financial literacy. Start by reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and go from there. Start buying assets and limit your purchasing of things that don’t put money in your pocket. Pay down debt, increase your income by starting a business in your part time. You can’t solve bad debt with more bad debt and any good Payday OK review will tell you that.

Editor’s Note: ThinkCash is apparently now Plain Green, with no good explanation as to why other than they aren’t offering loans any more.

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