Review says you can get up to $1000 into your checking account and that they have reliable customer service. They also say they have flexible payment options, something that not every lender will offer, and in fact most will not. Let’s see what the details are on this to see if it’s the real deal.

Like many sites of this nature they are not a lender, and they point this out in their disclaimer. That means you will be submitting your information to them and they will forward this on to actual lenders that will make the final decision. They make it seem like it is an easy 3 step process whereby you submit the application, get approved, and get your cash. Ultimately those are the three steps but they may not happen as fast as they make it seem.

Since you have so many different options, and there are literally hundreds of sites just like this one making the same claims and offering essentially the same service, it really makes you wonder whether or not this company is better to go with than any of the others out there. They talk about customer service, and oftentimes customer service is the one big difference between lenders and matching services like this one. Review out there a major features as being the ability to apply over the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that they have a safe and secure application. They also say that bad credit is not a problem, and that you will get quick approval if you meet the requirements. They also say that you will get instant cash. A few of these claims are a little misleading because there is no such thing as instant cash. They can send the money to your bank account, but your bank still has to you make the funds available in your account and this is never an instant process.

Show Me the Customer Service!
If you’re going to boast that you have reliable customer service you need to back that up with some actual customer service. Instead they give you a toll free number to call if you want to apply for a loan, which is basically just an affiliate number that they will get a kickback from if you actually fill out a loan with that service. As far as actual customer service goes they give you a form to fill out on their website, and that’s it. They don’t provide a phone number that you can call to get questions answered regarding your loan so we don’t see that they provide very good customer service at all, not even providing an email address.

We’re not quite sure what they mean by reliable customer service, perhaps they mean that if you fill out the contact form someone will get back with you in a timely manner, but in our book this is just about the least amount of customer service you can provide. How about a live agent ready to take a live chat with you?

Some Value Added
They do offer some value in the form of an interest rate calculator which can help you figure out what sort of money you’ll be paying to take out the loans that they are talking about. They also have a page dedicated to showing you the different types of loans you can take out that are better than a payday loan, and they walk you through the basics of what a payday loan is and what the process involves. This gets a little more detailed rather than the three-step process they show at the home page of their website.

Our Recommendation may be a good service to go with if you don’t mind filling out an application that is an obviously hosted on a secure server. The application itself may be secure, but there is not the reassuring https in the address bar, so it is not as secure as it could be. Other than that they do provide additional resources and information, including payday loan basics and the different types of loans you can take out, as well as alternatives that you can use before resorting to taking out a payday loan.

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