PaydayLoan-Lenders Review

PaydayLoan-Lenders ReviewPaydayLoan-Lenders says they can help you if you need up to $1000 in your account within 24 hours. Of course this is a little misleading because if you apply on a Friday nothing will be in your account until Monday at the earliest. But they may be able to get you your money next day if you apply earlier in the week and your bank releases the funds in time.

They also say that each lender in the network has been pre-screened before being accepted, so you know that they’re reputable and not just looking to run off with your money. The interesting thing is that much of the onus is on you the borrower since you’re getting the money and the lender is the one that is hoping you pay them back plus the fees and interest.

But lets assume for a moment that they do screen their lenders before they let them into their network. What sort of lenders would they need to screen? Why are they entertaining offers from lenders that don’t pass the screening process? Seems like they should be a bit pickier about the lenders they consider instead of just accepting everyone into the screening process. At this point it’s easy to spot lenders that have a good track record of success and separate them from the others, so why open yourself up to a bunch of low-grade lenders and then sift through the rubble?

PaydayLoan-Lenders Review – Why Them?

PaydayLoan-Lenders has an entire page dedicated to why you should choose them over someone else. It’s a good question because we couldn’t find any good reasons. They state that they have fast processing, and that’s why you should go with them. Almost all payday matching services state that they have quick processing times. This is something you won’t know for sure until you apply, which means it’s totally unprovable.

They put a lot of emphasis on the screening process and say that they only let in good lenders with a proven track record. It’s highly unlikely that they check the background of the businesses that they let in, but again there’s no real way for them to prove that they do, other than to claim that they do.

They also say that you can get a better deal when you go with a service like theirs, but that would mean that they are finding that deal for you and choosing the best lender that competes for your loan. Highly unlikely that this is what’s happening, but once more it’s something that no one can prove or disprove.

Secure or Not?
They say that their form is secure, but you’ll quickly notice that they do not have https in the address bar. How can you be sure that the form is secure without this basic security feature. The website should really be hosted on a secure server to transmit data of this nature, and not rely on the security of a third party embedded plug in for the application.

Not Much Offered
PaydayLoan-Lenders likes to make claims that you’ll just have to believe on face value if you want to believe them. There’s no way for them to prove to you that they screen their lenders, that they process the application fast, or that they are finding you the best loan based on your info. It’s all something that they’d either live up to or flop on once they have your application. The only thing is that these services get paid to get your application, so they will say whatever they have to in order to get you to fill it out so they can send it to the lenders and collect their fee.

Our Recommendation
PaydayLoan-Lenders has a few serious flaws to it that would make us look elsewhere for a loan-matching service. The big things we watch out for is whether the claims made sound reasonable, and if the site is hosting its application on a secure server. You’ll also want to check that they set you up with an account so if you ever need money in the future you don’t have to go through the process from scratch again.

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