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Personal ReviewPersonal says they can provide loans up to $35,000, and they allow you to choose which loan amount you want as part of the loan application process. The loans go from anywhere from under $1000 all the way up to the $35,000 day previously mentioned.

The first step is to use their online form which they say is safe and secure, and they say that you’ll get approval in just minutes. They also say that you’re able to pay your loan over time, which means you can get out of the cycle of having to pay your loan off every time you have a payday. They say with excellent credit you can qualify for up to $35,000, and with good credit you can get $30,000. Fair credit can early you up to $15,000, and if you have bad credit you might be able to get up to $1,000.

This is not really a payday loan in the sense that you may be thinking. It is more of a personal loan that you can pay off over time, and would make a better choice for anyone that has been trapped in the payday loan cycle. We are seeing more and more lenders of this nature that are moving away from traditional payday lending and moving more into personal loans, even lending to people that don’t have fantastic credit.

Personal Review – What We Know

Personal is unlike many of the personal lenders that you might have seen in your quest for a payday loan, because they really aren’t set up to function the way a payday loan lender does. They are basically putting it out there that they are not lenders, and they are not a broker either. They are helping you find lenders and they are not the company that you’re actually end up borrowing money from. They offer an affiliate program for those that want to bring traffic to their website, and they provide information on how the process works, and what you need to do to get started.

Security Measures
One of the main factors you want to check before you go with any online lender is whether or not the website is secure. In this case they have made sure to make their entire website secure, including their about us page and the page explaining how the process works. That is something that you will not find with most lenders and it’s pretty impressive that they have provided this level of security even for pages that don’t really need it. Once you get to the application page you’ll notice that it is broken down very easily so that you can enter your information and you don’t have to search through a lot of pages in order to enter everything in.

Personal has the same basic requirement that you’ll find with most lenders, of course they want to know who you are so you must provide identification that shows that you are over 18 and that you are a legal US citizen. They wouldn’t want to loan to you if they didn’t think they could get their money back on time, and if they didn’t have a way to locate you if you do not pay. They also want to see proof of income so that they show signs of your ability to repay the loan, and of course they’ll want a bank account so that they can send you the money, and also take out your payments when the time is due. They point out that you do not need to have a specific type of credit in order to use their service, but at the same time they will want your social security number in order to check your credit.

Our Recommendation
Personal appears to be a great matching service to go with if you are looking for a personal loan and not a payday loan. Some of the benefits of going with a personal loan over a payday loan is that you won’t have to pay off the entire loan balance on your next payday, and you will be able to pay the loan off over time which gives you extra breathing room and the ability to get back on your feet after a financial setback. Compared to all the other matching services out there that will match you with a payday loan company, there are few matching services out there willing to match you up with a personal loan lender.

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