PEX Card Review

PEX Card ReviewPEX Card is trying to establish itself as an alternative to traditional business credit cards because they don’t pull your credit reports for you or for your company, and they say that you can instantly disperse funds to your employee cards. this will be a convenient way to pay your employees rather than having them receive payment into a checking account, and it also allows you to control how much they spend.

You get monthly reporting and you end up protecting your own personal credit by having this card as well as the credit of your business. They say that your approval is guaranteed as long as you are running a successful business so you don’t have to worry about being denied. There’s also no spending limit that is preset, so however much you load onto the card you can use. You can use it wherever you see the Visa logo just like you would be able to use a Visa Debit Card worldwide. You can even get your cards personalized and there’s no liability in case someone uses your card fraudulently.

It can sometimes be disheartening when you are starting off with a business and you are getting turned down for credit cards and other business credit opportunities. If you have even considered going with a payday loan in order to fund your business it can be something that you should think twice about. Getting a prepaid card like this one gives you many of the advantages of having a business credit card, but without the annual fee and without worrying that you are spending more money than is available to your business.

By using a prepaid card you don’t have to worry about overdraft charges that your business will be racking up, and you also don’t have to worry about your employees spending too much from an expense account. You simply put the money into the car that is meant for general expenses, and the employee will be able to use that money until there is nothing left on the card. At that time you can monitor how much has been spent and decide whether or not you want to put more money onto the PEX Card. It can be one less headache for you as the business owner when you don’t have to worry about your employees going overboard with their spending, or going over your budget for your business which can lead to the difference of making a profit or not.

PEX Card Review: Customer Service

PEX Card has a toll free number in order for you to get more information or if you have any questions. It’s always nice to talk to a real person when you are trying to decide which card to go with. Even though they are a member of the FDIC as well as the Better Business Bureau, it is always nice to check things out for yourself to make sure that you are dealing with a company that is trustworthy and that you can count on not just today, but well into the future.

Security Matters
One thing we did notice while checking into the card is that their security certificate is not checking out. It says that the site is using an outdated security settings that may not make it as secure as it could be. It also does not have public audit records available. This could be a slight oversight on their part and is not something that would deter us from continuing on with their card. It is something that they will definitely want to check out so that consumers get a deeper sense of peace of mind when they are at the site and they see that it is fully secure.

Our Recommendation
PEX Card Is definitely worth checking out because of the many features it provides that credit cards and business charge cards do not have. Of course you will need to measure the needs of your own business, as well as factor in whether or not your business is able to get a credit card before you went with a prepaid card such as this. It may or may not be the best fit for your business, but luckily they have representatives on hand waiting to assist you to find out if this is the case.

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