Pluto Marketing Payday Loans Review

Pluto Marketing Payday Loans ReviewThe Pluto Marketing payday loans site may not look like much at first glance, but they claim to be able to supply you with cash. We were skeptical when we first saw them, and things didn’t improve much after further analysis.

Since there is no brick and mortar branch that you can check out, you have to be able to size up their web presence to see if it’s a company to go with. If you run an online company you should have invested as much as you can to make sure that you have an eye-pleasing, functional website. That is not the case here.

Even though they have a page for returning customers to log-in, we’d need to see proof that there actually are customers in the first place, as it would be quite shocking that someone would choose to go with this company over the myriad of other, better choices.

Our Pluto Marketing Payday Loans Review

There are several red flags that pop up when thinking of doing business with Pluto Marketing. Aside from not having a logo and using an obvious cookie-cutter template for their site, there just isn’t anything at this page to suggest that you’d actually get a loan if you filled out the application. It’s pretty much just a run of the mill site that looks like it was put up in a few hours in hopes of securing leads for a company.

Smaller Loan Amounts
Pluto Marketing says you can only get up to $500 through their service, but most other lenders let you loan more than that, like $600, $700, up to $1000 and more based on your income. This lower loan amount will appeal to some that don’t want to get in over their heads, but for others that need to borrow more money, this simply isn’t the right place for them. It’s not made clear why they would choose to offer lower limits like this, since many people earn enough income to merit taking out higher loan amounts, and many financial emergencies exceed $500.

One thing to note is that they offer renewals. Most states don’t allow this, and rollovers are prohibited. Renewing a loan means you just pay the fees again and keep the money out. They say you can do this up to four times before you have to pay back a part of the remaining loan balance.

Listed Requirements
In order to get that $500 they say they want you to have a steady income, with a gross amount of $1000 per month or more. It’s different if you’re collecting Social Security benefits, then it’s $800 that you’ll need to bring in. This is one lender that will let you use a savings account. They also need you to have a fax machine, so this is not a no-fax payday loan. They also want you to be able to be reached after work, in case you miss your due date and they need to find out when they’ll be paid.

TranDotCom and Zip Cash
This may be a site that was put up by TranDotCom, a firm that says they’re into transaction management. It is unclear what the relationship is, but their name appears on at least one page of the site. There may also be some affiliation with Zip Cash, but there is nothing concrete on that, and that name simply appears on the terms and conditions page.

Not Very Serious
Their website has some glaring mistakes on it, including several “Your Company Name Here” sections that they forgot to fill out with their company name. The Copyright is back in 2006 so it makes you wonder if anyone is paying any attention to this site, or if it’s just something they haven’t taken down yet. There isn’t an encrypted server for the application page, so we don’t recommend filling out your personal and banking information over an insecure page.

There are simply too many unknowns when it comes to this lender, if they even are a lender. With so many other sites available that have all of their ducks in a row, it doesn’t make sense to go with this one. For example, why enter your data into an unprotected page when there are so many lenders and matching services out there that provide you with a secure, encrypted page?

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