QC Holdings Payday Loan Review

QC Holdings Payday Loan ReviewThinking that a QC Holdings payday loan might be a good idea. All signs point to yes with this company, and we’ll show you some of their features that put us at ease.

We’ve reviewed a lot of lenders, both online and offline, and every once in a while we come across a company that makes our job easy. With so many shady companies out there, it can sometimes be a very simple process to pick out one that is doing all it can to facilitate a healthy business transaction.

The first thing we noticed was that they’re a publicly traded company. This is important because it makes sure that they’re keeping everything legit, since they have stockholders to consider. Their stock price took a dive back in 2008, right along with the global financial crisis and has not fully recovered. If you compare that with another publicly traded national lender, Advance America, you will see that their stock has steadily climbed over the last 4 years but is still not at its 2007 price.

What does all of this mean to you, the borrower? It shows that these companies are doing their best to get new business, and also to keep their customers happy so that they’ll re-loan with them if they need to. It also shows that they’ve not only been around for several years, but that they plan on being around for several more. It also shows that as a direct lender they have plenty of money to lend, so you won’t ever have to worry about where the money is coming from, or if they’re outsourcing your loan to an underwriter.

Our QC Holdings Payday Loan Review

QC Holdings doesn’t appear to have a way to apply for a loan online, but rather wants to direct you to a nearby branch so that you can stop in and get the money you need. They provide MoneyGram transactions at certain locations, so you’ll be able to get money orders, send money internationally, and even pay bills using the service.

The nice thing about doing business with a local lender is that they will be contributing to the local community. In addition to providing jobs to local residents, and helping the local economy by leasing a building, they are also involved with QC Caring Neighbors, a program that donates money to local and national causes. When you consider the large number of lenders out that that hide out in offshore locations, or are doing business within a Native American reservation and avoiding even being taxed on the money they pull in from state residents.

So Many Locations
Let’s just put it this way, there are more states that QC Holdings is in, than not. That’s pretty impressive, since most of the time you find regional lenders, and even some of the biggest national lenders don’t cover every state. Why is this so impressive? Each state has their own rules and regulations for what sort of payday loans can be provided to their residents. For a company to be able to keep that all straight, while still providing the same basic service represents sophistication and a well-oiled machine when it comes to a solid business model.

Plenty of Services
In addition to payday loans, they’re also looking to help the customer with many other financial transactions. They are now able to offer California residents auto title loans. Some of their branches allow you to pay bills, and put money onto a prepaid debit card.

Our Recommendation
QC Holdings is one of the companies out there that is walking the straight and narrow. They have everything set up correctly so that you can walk in, get approved, and walk out with cash. They are a member of the CFSA, which means they are going to do business as ethically as possible. This is a sort of self-regulating association of payday lenders that promise to do their best to provide quality service to their customers, above and beyond what is mandated by the state.

There really isn’t any reason not to add them to your short list of lenders to consider. You’re likely going to have a good experience, and get the best rates as determined by the state that you live in.

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