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Quicker Cash ReviewQuicker Cash is promising something we haven’t seen successfully performed by a payday lender yet – 2 minute approvals. We had to check this out to see if it’s really the case.

As it turns out the promise is littered with weasel words like “could be” and “as little as” which basically means it’s “not gonna happen”. You’ll likely spend more than the 5 minutes they say it takes to fill out the application, and you’ll be waiting longer than 2 minutes to get a verdict on whether you’re approved. So it basically boils down to a gimmick to try to collect your information. So the real question is, gimmicks aside is this a service you should go with or not.

Even though you might be in need of urgent cash you’re actually in the driver’s seat here as far as which lender you go with. They’re basically all the same in regards to the money you’ll receive, cash is cash and it all spends the same. Often there are only slight differences in how much it costs to take out the money, so it comes down to who can do it fastest with the best customer service possible and the quickest processing time. Get the money in the account, that’s the name of the game.

Quicker Cash Review – How Fast Is It Really?

They are not a direct lender, so it’s interesting that they are saying you’ll be approved quickly because they are not the ones making the approval or denial decision. This company is basically acting as a lead generation service, collecting your information and passing it along to interested parties that will extend you the loan. This can be a preferred way to do it for some, since you are applying to dozens or even hundreds of lenders with one application rather than continually sending your information out to at individual sites.

But some borrowers like that you are dealing direct when going with a direct lender, they like that you can get a fast response from the company that is actually putting the money in your account.

Not a Lot of Details
They can’t really give you a strong idea as far as how much you’ll be approved for, or how long it will take to get the money into your account because each lender works a little differently. That’s one trade off you have to make when using a matching service. Don’t think of them as a teammate, think of them as a third party that’s only interested in introducing you to the lender so they can collect their commission or fee and move onto the next applicant. If you have a problem with the lender it’s not like Quicker Cash is going to act as a mediator of any kind.

Quicker Cash can’t tell you the exact fees because they can’t guarantee or predict which lender you’ll be paired with, you should check to make sure that the rates and fees being charged are in accordance with those set by the state you live in. There’s no reason to pay more than you would by going in person, just because you want to conduct the transaction online. But because there’s nobody keeping tabs on online loans they sometimes charge whatever they can get away with, which is whatever someone is wiling to pay.

Savings Accounts OK
They say that they have several lenders that only require a savings account, so if you’re sick of needing to have a checking account, here’s a way to provide just a savings account and potentially find a lender willing to loan to you.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve decided to go with a matching service and not a direct lender then this is a decent choice. The entire website is encrypted so you don’t have to worry as much about your information falling into the wrong hands, and it really can save you the hassle of filling out tons of applications. You will most definitely get matched with a lender that fits in with what you need in terms of cash. The time savings alone can be worth it, especially when you’re in a jam and don’t have hours to search out the perfect lender.

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