Quicker Personal Loans Review

Quicker Personal Loans ReviewQuicker Personal Loans is targeting borrowers that want to take out $1,000 to $2,500 dollars, and they say that it is a very easy process, and you can get your cash fast. These are claims we see all the time so let’s look at what else they have to offer.

Right from the first page they are asking you what your credit score is, and what your monthly income is, and they even want to know why you want to take out a loan. The last bit of information they are asking for is your zip code, which is kind of a lot of information to ask right from the start.

If you provide the basic information they are asking for they can pretty much narrow down what kind of loan you’d be available to get. For example, if you tell them you have excellent credit and you are only looking for a $2,000r loan you will probably be able to get it, especially if you’re using it for debt consolidation. However, if you select that you have poor credit, and you are looking for $4,000 or more, and you need the money for a business, they probably will not be able to match you up with a loan.

So even with this little information they are able to quickly determine whether or not they are going to loan to you. Of course, you could always provide false information during this step, but that isn’t going to help you along with the application process, or ascertain whether or not this is a lender that you can go with.

Quicker Personal Loans Review –

At this point we’d like to point out that Quicker Personal Loans is not a lender, but rather they represent a network of lenders that may be able to help you with a loan. They state quite clearly that not everyone that applies will be able to get the $2,500, and not all the lenders that are participating in the network will be able to loan that much. The point of going with a matching service is that they are supposed to take your information and match it up with a lender that meets all of your requirements. For example, if you have bad credit they will not match you up with a lender that only accepts borrowers with perfect credit.

Security Matters
Quicker Personal Loans has gone out of their way to make sure that they have the most secure site possible, even providing an encrypted page on the homepage, as well as any of the other pages that you end up while at their website. You wouldn’t believe how many matching services don’t provide a secure page for the application process. They’re asking for some pretty personal information, as well as your income and banking information, so it only makes sense that you’d want to have that information protected as much as possible.

Of course you always want to use your own best judgment as to whether or not you want to give your information to a company that you don’t know very much about, so always do your own due diligence before providing your personal information. Even with a secure server such as the one they provide your you never really know who is on the other end of a website, so it is always in your best interest to be discerning and keep your information confidential until absolutely necessary.

How It Really Works
On their how it works page they say that it is the network that provides the real power here, since you will be presented to dozens of lenders all with one application. They say that after you complete the secure form you’ll be shown all the different lenders that will loan to you. Then it’s just a matter of checking out the terms and signing loan documents, and then you’ll receive your cash. From there you are able to make monthly payments, so this is not a payday lending matching service but rather an installment loan matching service which is pretty unique.

Our Recommendation
Quicker Personal Loans is doing everything they can to help you along with the loan matching process. They have provided a secure website, as well as assembled a network of lenders that are willing to loan to you on installments. If you want to get out of the payday loan cycle the only way to do that is to pay your loan off over time, with monthly payments rather than paying the entire amount of your loan back every time you get paid.

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