Radiant Cash Review

Radiant Cash ReviewRadiant Cash has it set up so that you can get up to $1,000 today. They say that they provide you with responsible cash when you need it in the form of installment loans. They even go so far as to tell you when to use it. And then give examples like expenses related to your job, medical emergencies, car repair, school supplies and education related expenses, groceries, one time life emergencies, baby supplies and strollers, unpaid bills, cable repair, and general family expenses.

While some of these might be good reasons to take out a loan, on groceries is definitely not one of them. If you find that you are having to take out a loan to buy groceries you have bigger financial problems than a loan is going to fix. Alone at this point is just going to increase the amount of debt you have which will only make it harder to buy groceries in the future. You need to increase your income so that you can afford groceries without having to take out a loan. Loans should be for one-time expenses that you didn’t see coming, and groceries just don’t qualify for that.

They have a very interesting how it works exclamation and this involves submitting your application via their secure server. And this does check out they do have an encrypted web page, in fact the whole site is secure. The next that they say is to get approved which takes just 2-3 minutes with them. After that it is a matter of signing the loan over the internet and checking the checkboxes so that your application is all finished. Then it is simply a matter of waiting up to 24 hours and checking your bank balance to see that the money has been deposited. From there you can check in to the site and see details about your loan at any time and from any device.

They say the whole process is stress free so you can sit back and relax. They point out that you do not have to rush to the bank or go to a computer to make your payments. On the due date they simply take the money out of your account, the same bank account that the money went into is the one that comes out of. However, they only do that once you have a payday so you don’t have to worry but the funds won’t be there.

Radiant Cash Review

Radiant Cash says you can get $100 to $1000 in just 5 minutes and that they won’t check your FICO score. They say this is an easy way to get emergency cash when you need it, and that they have much lower rate than payday loans or loans from the pawn shop. In fact, you can get your money deposited into your bank account including your checking account, or have the money put on a credit card or sent to you using a service like MoneyGram.

They have a page of testimonials so you can idea of what things would be like once you take out a loan. Some of these testimonials are very informative like saying that their terms are excellent and the customer service was amazing. Of course you are getting testimonials right from the company so you don’t know exactly if these are paid testimonials or not.

Tribal Lending
Radiant Cash points out that they are owned by a Native American Indian tribe, and therefore they are a sovereign entity and do not have to abide by the US Constitution or federal regulations. you might be interested to know that often times they will not pay any federal taxes or state taxes nor will they be employing anyone outside of their tribe. Also, they do not have to abide by federal laws in regards to collection efforts, however they do state that they follow over 18 federal laws related to consumer lending.

Our Recommendation
Radiant Cash is getting a recommendation because they provide you with plenty of information regarding the loan before you have to take it out, and they also offer plenty of customer service with a chat feature, a toll-free customer service number, and loads of information at the site including our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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