Rise Credit Review

Rise Credit ReviewRise Credit says they can get you anywhere from $300 to $3000 by the next business day. Of course you’d have to be qualified to receive the larger amounts, but that is a pretty sizable loan, and not something we typically see in the world of payday loans.

Taking out that much money from a lender is no easy decision, so we did some more digging to see if this is a lender that you should go with or not. They appear to have designed their loan process after listening to feedback from payday loan borrowers. They’ve made it so you can apply online, find out just how much you can receive, and then check your account online anytime you want. This gives the process a transparency that has been lacking until now.

Payday loan reform is something that has to happen, and what we’re seeing is that it’s lenders like Rise Credit that are going to make it happen. Rather than wait around for politicians to enact laws to make things better, it will be lenders that start listening to the common complaints regarding payday loans and offering financial products that answer the need of actual borrowers. In this case they are still charging high interest rates, but they are allowing you to pay your loan off over time, which should help you avoid having to take out the loan again, and can provide real help to a financial setback.

Rise Credit Review – What Makes Them Different?

For starters, they have a higher loan limit than many payday loan institutions, but keep in mind that they will still be abiding by the laws of your state, so you’ll still be capped at the legal limit of what a payday lender can loan out. If you are in a state that doesn’t have these laws in place, you could get up to $3000 if your income justifies it.

Second, they allow you to make payments on your loan, and don’t charge you extra if you end up paying your loan off early. The number one problem of a payday loan is that all of the money is due back on your next payday. This is what keeps you in the dreaded payday loan cycle, and makes it so you have to get multiple loans over several months just to solve one problem.

Speed Matters
They say that just a few seconds after you apply you’ll be shown what you can take out, and you’ll be able to start the process right then. This is a crucial factor when looking at different lenders, since many will have you waiting for hours while they make their decision, or farm your application out to their network of lenders.

Financial U
One feature of Rise Credit is a educational program called Financial U where you can watch videos and get information on financial basics. This is something that most lenders don’t take the time to offer their borrowers, so it’s always nice to see this being offered. They have it set up so that if you watch all of the videos you can earn money for your time. That’s something we haven’t seen anywhere else and puts them in their own category of lenders that are providing an incentive to learn about money.

Our Recommendation
We couldn’t find any reason not to go with Rise Credit for your loan needs. They are doing everything right when it comes to lending money, including using a secure server for the application process, providing borrowers with accurate information they need before deciding to take out a loan, and providing a secure login to be able to check your account and balance so that you’re never wondering how much you owe and when it’s due by, or whether a payment has been received and applied.

They also seem committed to following best practices when it comes to offering loans, and are abiding by state laws. You’d be surprised just how many online lenders do not abide by these rules and regulations and offer high dollar loans with absurd and astronomical repayment terms. It’s always good to go with a lender you can trust that is offering a decent loan, and is still making a profit.

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