RoadLoans Review

Roadloans ReviewRoadloans claims that they are here to make auto finance easier, and they say that they can help those with bad credit get a car loan if they’ve been rejected previously. You can also refinance your car loan with them so you can get better rates and save money over the length of your loan.

They say that they have been seen on other sites such as,, eBay Motors,,, others. It is not clear exactly how they were seen on these other websites, whether they paid for advertising or whether they were written up as a review. They say that they offer a free car buying service and that you can get started with that through their website.

They also claim to have plenty of online calculators and tools for you to use through their downloadable apps, including applications for the iPhone as well as Android devices. This includes a payment calculator, as well as reviews you can read on cars you might be interested in buying. They also say that they will give you information regarding your credit, and how that factors into the whole process.

RoadLoans Review – What They Can Offer

Roadloans is a handy website for those looking to get a good car loan rate, even if they don’t have stellar credit. That applies to most people are looking for a car, so it only makes sense a company like this would be able to be so popular. Keep in mind that they are still going to make a profit on your loan, they will just be able to find that profit in between the amount that a person with perfect credit would get, and the amount that you are currently getting, and the gap that exists between those two numbers. So although they may not be an angel sent from heaven, they will create a win-win situation for you, as well as them, and the only one that is really losing out is the finance company that you have been paying your high-rate auto loan to.

A Trusted Site
If you’ve been wondering whether or not this is a site you can trust with your financial information, it is good to note that they have an encrypted website, even from the homepage which only has you entering in your zip code so they can give you the most relevant information to your local area. Everything about this company points to it being very trustworthy and on the up and up so you don’t have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands.

Bad Credit No Problem
Roadloans says they specialize in borrowers that have bad credit, and they say that you can get low monthly payments and great rates even if you don’t have the best credit. They say that they can get you approved before you go to buy a car, so you can have more confidence when you are car shopping, and you can get the best deal possible because you will already be financed.

Can You Really Refinance?
Perhaps you never thought to get your car refinance before because your bad credit kept you from getting the best rates. Even though you may already have your car, you are not locked into your car loan, especially when there are lenders that are willing to give you a second chance and give you a better rate than you’re currently receiving. It is easy to get upside down in a car payment when the interest rate is so high. Often what happens is lenders will give borrowers with bad credit poor interest rates, only fueling the problem and leading to even more missed payments and worse credit. When you get your car refinanced you can break that cycle, get your payment down to a manageable amount, and make it easier to make your car payment every month.

Our Recommendation
Roadloans is a good place to start if you have never thought about refinancing your car loan, and you want to get the most up-to-date information about the process, as well as have all of the different lenders that are willing to make a auto refinance loan for you all in one place. It can save plenty of clicks, and can give you a solid grounding on what to expect during the process, and best case scenario you could end up with a car loan that is at a better rate so you save money over the long term, as well as month to month.

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