Same Day Payday Review

Same Day Payday ReviewSame Day Payday is not a lender, but rather a site that will give you information on the payday lending process, and also allow you to apply for a loan, which they’ll forward to actual lenders.

They also offer reviews of different lenders, and information about each state’s payday lending rules and regulations. There is also information and advice on loans and borrowing, so that you know whether it’s a good idea to take out a loan or not. They provide some information on fees and rates, but since they are not a direct lender they are unable to provide the data on how much the actual loan will end up costing you.

The payday loan process is pretty straightforward, but sometimes you need advice on whether or not it’s a good idea to even get one. Here’s a tip: in most cases it’s not a good idea to get one, and you’ll end up taking the money out again and again and get yourself further into financial trouble.

Same Day Payday Review – Is It Possible?

The reason they have named their site Same Day Payday is because many people search for that phrase. They want the money today, so they’ll type into the search engine “same day payday” and the hope of Same Day Payday is that they’ll end up as one of the top search results because that’s their name. But in reality we have yet to see a payday lender out there that promises to give you the money the same day. What you’ll usually see is that a lender will tell you that it will be in your account the next business day.

We have seen a surge of lenders offering to put the money into your account right away through your debit card linked to your checking account. But even though they may process the payment the same day you apply, it’s still going to be a matter of your bank clearing the funds and allowing you to have access to the money.

Encrypted Site
The application page on their site is encrypted, which is nice because if you’re reading a review, or getting information on the lending process, it’s not encrypted, and that’s totally normal when you’re just getting information. When you get to the application page it clicks over to an encrypted page so you don’t have to worry so much about submitting your information and wondering who’s going to end up with it.

Why They Don’t Lend Directly
You may be wondering why they’d go through the trouble of making a site like this that’s mostly about providing information and having you apply. They get their money from the payday lenders for capturing a new lead for them. Sometimes a lender will pay just for the lead, and sometimes it’s set up so that they don’t have to pay anything unless you take out a loan from them. Either way, Same Day Payday is getting paid to capture your information and forward it along, so be sure you understand what is happening when you go through a matching service like this. When you deal direct you are getting your answer right from the lender, and you’ll be making your payments and communicating through their site, not this one.

Plenty of Information Provided
You can spend a good amount of time here going through all of the information they have. They have ratings and rankings for all of the most popular payday lenders, and have a numbering system so you can see how they rank and see whether it’s worth doing business with them. It’s also a good way to see if a lender should be avoided or not.

Our Recommendation
If you need information on how the payday loan process works, or wanted to size up a lender, this is a pretty good place to go with. You can also apply for a loan if you decide to, and their application is hosted securely which the same can’t be said for many other matching services out there. We were unable to find reports of users successfully getting a payday loan from them, but all signs point to this being a trustworthy site.

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