Shield Funding Review

Shield Funding ReviewShield Funding specializes in loans for small business owners with bad credit record. It boasts of 10 years of experience, and the opportunity to help hundreds of small businesses by lending them cash to manage their finances, from purchases, operational expenses to expansion plans, and more.

Being in the industry for 10 years, they have built a solid ground and have assisted various small businesses including Laundromats, restaurants, retail stores, and service-oriented companies, to name a few. The fund that Shield Funding was able to provide enabled borrowers to accomplish short-term or long-term goals.

Shield Funding Review: What They Offer

It is quite challenging to loan money with a bad credit score. Some small business owners are beginners in the field, and their first attempt in doing business could be a failure as they go through trial and error stage. With enough capital and the lessons learned from their experience, they can still bounce back and recover lost earnings. What they need is a financial institution that can offer them this chance. Banks and other prime lenders may not grant their loan, but not Shield Funding.

Even with bad credit, small business owners are welcome to apply for a loan from Shield Funding. To qualify, you must own such business, and it must have been running for no less than 3 months with minimum monthly revenue of $20,000 if you are not accepting credit cards, and a minimum of $2,500 if you process credit cards.

Shield Funding offers unsecured business type of financing through its various business loan programs. Here are their available funding programs:

  • Business Loans.
  • Unsecured loans for small business owners. No collateral is needed, and interest rates are very competitive.

  • Bad Credit Business Loans.
  • Another unsecured business funding for short-term needs of businesses with bad credit record. The requirement is specified above. Few documents are required and funding can be released within a few days.

  • Business Cash Advance.
  • These are for business owners who accept credit cards for the last three months and in need of immediate funds.

  • Business Loans for Women.
  • Women who own and run a small business can apply for this loan and get the support they need. Application is simple, and program is open for women who have good and bad credit profiles.

Application Process
To apply for a loan, simply fill out the application form in their website. You can call them or pursue online application. You should meet their qualifications and requirements to be eligible for a loan. The most recent credit card or bank statement is required. Application process is quick, and once you meet all pre-requisites, your application will be approved immediately. You can loan up to $500,000.

Advantages of Borrowing from Shield Funding
Once you learn about the steps and requirements of securing a business loan from the company, you can notice how they truly want to assist small business owners. Shield Funding does not charge late payment charges. You can be sure that there are no hidden charges as well. Moreover, they will not restrict the purpose of your loan. As a borrower, you just have to carefully understand your obligations, and be particular with the repayment amount, schedules and policies.

The payback process is actually made simple. Regardless of the loan term, you will pay the same amount. You are given two options to settle payment if you get a business cash advance program, which makes the system advantageous for customers because of flexibility.

Our Recommendation
Shield Funding’s loan programs are definitely worth considering if you have a small business and you lack funds to meet some areas of your business. Their website provides all the information you need if you are interested to apply for their loan programs. Their customer service channels include a 24/7 hotline, email, toll-free numbers and social media accounts. You can also send them a message directly through their website. They have two locations, particularly in New York and California, which means if you are within these areas, you can speak with them personally. If you choose to apply online, all the details that you need to know will be provided through email. You can freely call them for a quicker process. Shield Funding specializes in business loans, so if you need a personal or payday loan, they will not be able to provide one for you.

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