Signature Loans Network Review

Signature Loans Network ReviewSignature Loans Network
Is supposedly a network of lenders that can loan you signature loans that are much different than payday loans with better terms and still no collateral needed in order to take them out.

They say that you can get the signature loans even if you don’t have good credit and that they approve the loans quickly and don’t require any faxing or paperwork. They can offer you loans up to $1000.

Signature loans get their name because you can walk into a bank and simply sign your name and walk out with the cash that you need. You don’t need to put up any collateral for these loans, you are using your good name at the bank as your collateral and that’s how they generally work. The reason most people can’t get signature loans now is that they do not have good credit or they do not have a good reputation at the bank and therefore must resort to things like payday loans in order to get cash quickly.

The only problem is that signature loans are paid back over time while payday loans are paid back on your next payday so you end up paying far more for payday loans and you do for signature loans. Finding places that will loan you a signature loan even though your credit is not very good can be hard, which is why a service like this that has a network of signature loan lenders at the ready can be a very valuable resource.

Signature Loans Network Review

Signature Loans Network is not a direct lender, they do not provide any loans, and they are not a bank. Therefore they cannot guarantee that you will receive any sort of loan by filling out the application. This much as stated in clear terms and me disclosure statement that they are required by law to make.

Just because they are not a lender doesn’t mean they are not providing a good service, and they do offer an application for you however it is located on a server that is not secure. This is an example of having an application and embedded into the site rather than hosting the application themselves. It would not take very much for them to add on a secure certificate for the page so that it could start with https in the address bar representing a secure page.

What’s unfortunate about this is that everyone would love to you take out a signature loan instead of a payday loan because of the favorable terms, however not everyone will be able to qualify for a loan like this because much of it revolves around their credit history and their ability to repay the loan in a timely manner. What is ironic is that there is a very high payback ratio for payday loans even though payday lenders say they are in the business of high-risk lending.

Is This a Blog?
Signature Loans Network does not seem like it is trying too hard to put forth a professional look. They are running their website on WordPress, which is a blogging platform, the same one that we used to run our review site. However if we were going to run a site that involved financial information like this, we wouldn’t be using WordPress and instead we would use a different type of site in order to handle and application and the extra information we need to provide.

It makes us think that they are not really serious about making helping out the consumer or matching them off with a signature loan. It also makes it out the number of lenders they actually have in their network. They could have spent a little more time and money on a better looking and better functioning site rather than using a free software and going the bare bones route.

Our Recommendation
Signature Loans Network doesn’t get our recommendation because they are just too similar to other services out there, and there are plenty of installment loan lenders as well as matching services that will mess you up with installment loan lenders so you don’t really have to waste your time with a site like this. Maybe if they showed that they are more serious about creating website that really helps the end user, we could give him our recommendation, but until that happens, we can’t.

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