Speedy Cash Review

Speedy Cash ReviewServing cash-strapped employees across the United States, Canada and the UK, Speedy Cash is one of the fastest growing providers of short-term loans and financial services. It provides direct lending products with emphasis on quality customer service. The company offers various easy to access financial services for immediate and short-term needs.

Speedy Cash is an American company founded in Wichita, Kansas in 1997. At present, after over 15 years in existence, the company is also known by other names in some of the areas it serves. In Canada, for instance, the company operates as Cash Money. The company does not only provide online or by-telephone services. It serves customers in over 230 brick and mortar store locations. The range of products available includes auto equity loans, AZ express title loans (limited to Arizona), bad credit loans, cash advance, check cashing, cash for gold, cash loans, debit card payday loans, instalment loans, money orders, prepaid debit cards, unsecured loans, and wire money transfers. Not all the services mentioned may be offered in every Speedy Cash outlet.

Speedy Cash Review – Loan Application Process

Similar to the setup used by other payday loan companies, Speedy Cash accommodates online loan applications. You just have to complete a short preliminary form to go to a secure page where you can fill up the full loan application form. If the preliminary online form fails to be successfully sent, an error message will be displayed along with customer service contact details. Just connect via telephone as it is also possible to do loan applications by phone. Returning customers will have their accounts registered and they can simply log in with their email address and password to get another loan.

In our evaluation of the site, the preliminary online form kept returning an error so we haven’t had the opportunity to proceed to the actual loan application form. Login and online application form pages, nevertheless, are VeriSign-secured so there shouldn’t be an issue with security. Customer details can also be expected to be inaccessible to parties not related to the loan transactions.

Rates and Terms
Speedy Cash offers 14-day payday loans at an APR of 391.07% to 664.29%. The rates vary depending on the regulations imposed in the state where the loan is offered. The site comprehensively lists the rates for the different states served.

It is important to remember that failing to pay the loan as scheduled will result in penalties or fees for late payments. The company may decide to turn over delinquent accounts to a third party debt collection agency. This will not bode well to any customer as it means a negative impact of credit scores or standing. Moreover, Speedy Cash maintains a policy of not automatically renewing loans. You have to request or apply for it before any renewal or restructuring is initiated. Logically, loans that have been renewed or rolled over will mean that the principal loan will have not been reduced while additional fees and interest are incurred.

Store Locations
As one of the largest payday loan providers, Speedy Cash welcomely operates brick and mortar stores or physical stores across the areas it serves. The company’s official website features a store locator section so there shouldn’t be any hassle finding a Speedy Cash office near you. An interactive map of store locations with information on the availability of loan matching service is also presented. You can always go to an actual store if you prefer to apply for a loan in-store. These state-licensed stores can dispense cash on the same day you apply, if your loan application gets approved.

Customer Service
Speedy Cash has a toll free number for customer inquiries or other related calls. The company can also be accessible via social media. If you feel you must talk to an actual customer service agent before deciding to get a loan, you can also visit the company’s stores. The company has over a hundred stores or outlets in the United States alone.

Our Recommendation
The way Speedy Cash presents its services is reassuringly clear and comprehensive enough. It’s a good thing that the company emphasizes how it complies with state regulations on payday loans and other financial services. Answers to frequently asked customer questions are also helpful in guiding new loan applicants. With its secure website, compliance with the US & EU Directive on Data protection, and affiliation with the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), it is safe to say that Speedy Cash is one company worth recommending.

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