Stone Street Capital Review

Stone Street Capital ReviewStone Street Capital says that they can get you money now if you have a structured settlement. They say you can get a free quote right now, and that they’ll send you a check within the week.

You’ve probably seen a lot of ads from places like this, the most ubiquitous is JG Wentworth and their legion of musical numbers all advertising that they can get you cash when you need it. But what is the real story here, and should you go with an option like this if you are in need of cash but it’s tied up in a settlement.

When you are evaluating a company with an online presence, their website says a lot about what they are about. That’s like their business card, or their brochure. It’s your first contact with the company, and says a lot about what sort of business they’re running. That’s what’s so shocking about this site, since you should be going with a big name that has the financial backing to give you the money you need, as well as hundreds of other customers. This company looks like they need some money fast, not the other way around.

Stone Street Capital Review – Money Now from a Structured Settlement

Stone Street Capital is unlike any other company we’ve seen before, because they are promising you money, but they have some sleazy practices and outright lie about what to expect. Read on for our full evaluation of what is they’re doing, and why it’s just bad news for the end user.

Strange Business Practices
Stone Street Capital doesn’t provide a lot of information on their website, and they expect you to give them you name, email address, and phone number just to get past the first page of their site. This is a very sleazy trick and you shouldn’t have to provide information just to get information. In fact, once you enter your information they say that your free quote is “in process” but how can they give you a quote when you provided zero information as far as how much your settlement is worth, and how much you’d like to take out.

The fact is that they can’t give you a quote, so this website is basically just a ploy to get you to submit your contact information. It’s all about generating leads and adds nothing of value to the consumer. That’s the sort of site that makes us wonder why a company decided to go this route and not provide a full website like other companies do. Consider the JG Wentworth website. They have a wealth of information, and while they still ask for your contact info at least they provide something in the way of a tutorial regarding what you can expect from the process.

Bad Signs
The only reason we can think of as to why you’d want to go with a service like this over an established service like JG Wentworth is if you wanted to compare prices. But for us we wouldn’t want to go into a business deal with a company that can’t even string together a decent website. What proof is there that they have any money to give you when they can’t even afford a basic website? It’s just not a good way to start off with the customer, and if you end up going with them it’s unclear as to how your experience will be. We have no vested interest in JG Wentworth by the way, they just seem to have their ducks in a row compared to these guys.

Our Recommendation
Stone Street Capital may be worth going with, and you’ll want to check out other services like JG Wentworth since they must be doing something right to be able to advertise as much as they do. You don’t ever have to give up your entire settlement if you just need a little bit of cash. You can have it set up so that you do a partial buyout and retain some of your money for later and get some of it now. These companies don’t care, they’ll take whatever they can get and they’re so sure that once you get a taste of the cash now you’ll be back to let them buy the rest.

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