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Sun Eagle Financial ReviewSun Eagle Financial says that they are not a lender and that they give honest advice even though they are compensated by lenders. This sounds like it might not be possible, since you can’t really give your honest opinion when you’re being paid to give your opinion.

They say that the opinions are highly researched, and that they will remove any sites that don’t maintain high quality standards. But again, if you are being paid by lenders in order to have them reviewed on your site, it would be very hard to remove them and suffer the loss of income by doing so. You cannot maintain your opinion when cash is involved, there’s just too much conflict of interest. So while it may be good in theory it just doesn’t hold up to common sense.

One thing that is interesting is that they say they are not a lender, but simply a financial blog, but on this same site they identify themselves as Sun Eagle Financial and they talk about the loans that the specialize in. Wait a minute, how can you specialize in loans if you’re not a lender? They say that they have a high acceptance rate for their loans, but how can they give out a loan if they are not a lender?

Sun Eagle Financial Review – A Lender or Not?

Sun Eagle Financial goes to great lengths to disclose that they are not a lender and simply a financial blog, but on one of their pages they go on and on about how they give out loans and have a high acceptance rate, can loan up to $1000 and that you can use the money however you want. This is interesting for a site that claims they are not lender. Perhaps they are talking about the lenders they represent, but where are these lenders? Where is the application page? Where is any information regarding what sort of loans you are providing, and who you represent.

Clearing It All Up
As it turns out, Sun Eagle Financial is a matching service but they do not have all of their ducks in a row, and they have very misleading verbiage about who they are and what they do. They refer to loans as their loans, when in fact they mean the loans of the lenders they represent. They make it seem like they are in fact a lender, but they are not apparently a lender but are merely acting on behalf of other lenders.

Why the Confusion?
Most likely this is a matching service owned by a Native American tribe representing other Native American tribally owned online lenders. They are trying to make it seem like they are a lender, while using the disclaimer at the bottom of the page to say that they are not a lender. They don’t have an application page or a link to a place where you can apply, so the entire site is really just a waste of time for you the consumer, and we’d suggest just taking a pass on the whole thing and finding a matching service that actually does something.

Using the name Sun Eagle makes it seem like it is a tribally owned endeavor. You’ll see many lenders with names that tip you off that it’s tribally owned. This means that these companies will not be paying any federal income tax or state tax, and almost always will not be contributing to the local community. They also won’t be subject to federal laws regarding collection practices and consumer rights. This information is vital when deciding whether you want to go with a lender or not because other lenders that are US corporations will have laws in place.

Our Recommendation
Sun Eagle Financial is not getting our recommendation, because it is merely a hype page for sites that are not even mentioned or listed and you can’t apply at the site, you’re only getting trumped up promises that are the same across the industry. This is likely a failed attempt at creating a matching service that didn’t quite work out but still shows up in search results and is a big waste of time.

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