Sure Advance Payday Loan Reviews

Sure Advance Payday Loan ReviewsIf you’re thinking about a payday advance from Sure Advance, it’s always a good idea to get some reviews before signing a loan agreement. Pretty much every lender out there operates by the same methods, so it’s just a matter of finding one that you like and that resonates with you. Most of the rates will be the same, and your due date will be the same, so it comes down to customer service, and how well they treat you as a person.

Finding Sure Advance Payday Loan Reviews

Getting reviews from other borrowers is one way to size up a payday loan company, but it’s not really the best way. Most of the people that use a payday lender are a little upset that they even need to take out a payday loan. They go in with a lousy mental attitude and they take it out on the business. That’s why for most lenders out there you will see low reviews from actual users. Satisfied customers do not typically come back to report on their experience because they just want to get on with their lives and not announce that they needed a payday loan.

However, what we have noticed with Sure Advance is that they have dozens of complaints filed with the BBB and they don’t respond to the claims made. A lot of these complaints have to do with collection practices, so you can bet that it is people that couldn’t pay their loan back on time and are upset that Sure Advance came in and debited their account anyway, causing further bank overdraft fees and jeopardizing their bank account.

Each lender is a little different when it comes to the requirements necessary to qualify for a loan. Sure Advance wants you to be able to prove a steady income, and with direct deposit set up at your bank. This is because they will be deducting the money electronically, so they don’t want to give you the chance to cash your paycheck and not deposit the necessary funds. They also require that your checking account be more than a month old, and that you have your name on the checks, which means you can’t use starter checks or the temporary checks your bank issued when you opened your account.

They also require that you bring home $1000 or more after taxes each month. And of course you can’t be in the middle of a bankruptcy case or be thinking about filing for bankruptcy for the term of the agreement. Most of these are pretty standard requirements, but a lot of lenders won’t be so open about what is needed from you. Of course there are other lenders that are more lax when it comes to what is needed from a borrower, but you have to weigh your different options. A lot of businesses that don’t care so much about verifying, usually end up being shady and based in other off shore countries.

This is a Direct Lender
Sure Advance is the one that will give you the actual money, and is referred to as a direct lender. This means that if you apply with them and get rejected, that you will have to re-apply at another lender’s site and go through the whole process again. This differs from using the services of a payday lender broker whereby you fill out one application and they match you with a lender that has already approved you.

It’s up to you which route you want to go, but we suggest using a broker because it saves you time and makes sure that you get matched with a lender that is willing to lend to you, and give you the most amount of money possible for your specific situation. It comes with fewer rejections, fewer applications, and produces the same result – showing you the money. One of the broker services we recommend is Flash Payday Loans. They do not lend you the money directly, but put you in touch with lenders that will. Also, they don’t charge a fee to you, but rather to the lender that they match you with.

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