Swift Sterling Review

Swift Sterling ReviewSwift Sterling might be the right payday lender for you, but it’s always good to check online first, right?

Even if you try to budget your hard earned money, there comes a time that you may find yourself short of cash. There may be an emergency situation or unexpected things that you need to pay. You can have instant cash through a payday loan. This is a short term loan that needs to be paid on your next payout. One of the companies that offer this is Swift Sterling.

What the Company Can Do for You
Swift Sterling is a company that specializes in providing payday loans. It prides itself for its highest standards in responsible lending practices. Its terms help ensure that clients only borrow the amount that they can pay. This gives them the cash they need while preventing the interest from piling up, which could be the case in other lending companies.

Swift Sterling Review – Their Actual Work

Swift Sterling has an online form that you need to fill up in order to apply for a payday loan. But before even filling up this online form, make sure that you meet the requirements to qualify for the loan, which include the following:

Must be at least 18 years old
Presently living in United Kingdom
Regular employee
Receives direct payment on bank account
Minimum £333.50 income per payday

If you qualify for the loan application, then you can fill up the form from their site. You will be asked for your personal information including your name, email, phone number, birthday, gender and national insurance number. You will also be asked for your mailing information. Read the pre-contract credit information before signing the agreement. Once done with the online form, you need to call their customer support to finalize your application. The site is secured so you don’t have to worry about your information being leaked. If your loan is approved, the amount borrowed will be deposited directly to your account, which you can withdraw the next day. Other credit companies send the amount through check, which can be inconvenient, as you need to go to the bank to cash out or deposit to your account. Furthermore, it often requires clearing time.

The amount that you can borrow depends on your income. As mentioned, the company ensures that the amount you borrow can be repaid on your next salary. If it is your first time borrowing from them, the limit of the loan is up to £200.00. There is a corresponding flat rate of £29.98 for each £100 you borrow. There are no hidden fees so you can calculate properly the amount to borrow and the fee to make sure that you can cover for this on your payout. For instance, if you borrowed £200.00, the total amount that you will pay is £259.96.

Swift Sterling will automatically deduct the total amount that you owe them on your next payday. You also have the option to use another debit card where the company can withdraw. However, it is best to use your work bank account as this is where your payment is deposited by your company. Two days before the date of repayment, the credit company will send you a reminder regarding their withdrawal. If withdrawal is successful on your payday, you will also be sent a confirmation e-mail. Once your credit is paid in full then that’s the only time that you can apply for another payday loan. The credit can only be outstanding for a period of 31 days. If you were unable to pay for the amount, you may incur charges of up to £59.00. Contact their customer support if you are unable to pay for the amount for some reason so you can work on the best solution together. Since the company specializes on payday loans, they want to make sure that credits are paid in full on the next payout, which is why rollover or extension of credit is not offered.

The Upside with Swift Sterling
The company is transparent with its fees, terms and information, which can be found on their website giving clients the peace of mind that they are entering a contract that they fully understand and one that does not have hidden charges. The company also helps clients prevent their credit interests from piling up, as they do not offer rollover and the amount that they can borrow is based on their payout. If you need their assistance or you have questions regarding their service, you can contact their customer support anytime, as they are available 24/7. Their contact information is posted on their site and they offer various methods so you can choose one that is convenient for you. You can contact them by phone, through e-mail, text or even live chat.

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