The General Insurance Review

The General Insurance ReviewYou’ve probably seen commercials for The General Insurance on TV and wanted to know if they’re the real deal or if it’s just a lot of marketing hype. And can you really get a good rate from a company like this, or will they overcharge you because of your accidents or credit history?

It’s always a question of whether you can trust a company that advertises on daytime television, since they are purposefully going after those that are home during the day either because they’re unemployed or laid off. Will they really offer a good service at a fair price, or are they targeting a specific market in order to take advantage of their situation

With the reviews we’re seeing on The General it appears to be a mixed bag, with some customers saying it’s a ripoff and others saying it worked for them. Common complaints are hidden cancellation fees and minimal coverage levels. The cancellation fees and coverage levels are something that will be covered and explained before you sign up, so these complaints seem like they are normal for a company that does as much business as The General does.

The General Insurance Review

The General Insurance says that they have a quick application process and in just 2 minutes you can get an answer and get insured. They say that they accept past accidents and violations, which is a breath of fresh air compared to other insurance companies.

They also say you can get your proof of insurance online, so you can potentially be driving legally the same day. You can also pick your payment due date so that it comes out at a time that’s convenient for you. If everything you need to pay comes out on the same day, it can be hard making sure there’s enough to cover it all. It’s nice to be able to select a due date that’s separate from your other bills so there’s sure to be money in the account.

Why They’re Different
The General Insurance is catering to those that have been rejected for car insurance from some of the major providers, or that can’t afford the high rates they get quoted due to bad credit or too many accidents or driving violations in the past. This may be one of the best insurers to go with if you have bad credit.

It’s no surprise that an insurance company like this exists, because the big insurance companies are designed to mitigate risks and do a high volume of business. They aren’t interested in insuring everyone, just those with good credit and good driving records because those are the drivers least likely to get into an accident or fall behind on their insurance payments.

This leaves a large market available for a company like the General. Think about it, with thousands of drivers not fitting the perfect description laid out by companies like Geico, Progressive, and All State, there’s plenty of customers available to insure, as long as you’re willing to insure those with a higher chance of getting into an accident or missing a payment.

Family Guy Skit
There’s a brief segment on Family Guy where they make fun of the General Insurance, saying “White trash rates from an army guy, here is a penguin I don’t know why! The General car insurance, it’ll worry whoever you hit.” This insinuates that the target market is for lower to lower-middle incomes and that the person you hit in an accident will be worried because the insurance is not the same grade as the top tier nationwide providers.

It’s easy to see why they would come to this conclusion, because the commercials for The General often state that you can get their insurance even if you’ve had accidents in the past, or have let your insurance lapse for long periods of time.

Our Recommendation
The General Insurance gets our recommendation for being a insurer that will accept those that can’t get insurance anywhere else. It can be hard to get back on the road if you’ve had trouble in the past or if you have bad credit. A service like The General can get you driving again, when others won’t.

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