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Trying to find unbiased Think Cash reviews online can be a daunting task. Since they don’t operate any storefronts all of their transactions are done over the Internet. This means that there is limited face-to-face interaction, reducing the number of mistakes made by human error and poor customer service. There are many unique aspects that make Think Cash reviews better than some of the traditional lenders and other online loan companies.

Think Cash Reviews and Highlights

Think Cash reviews can’t really be grouped in with regular payday loan reviews because they aren’t really payday loans. In fact, they may be a powerful alternative to payday loans, and in many cases could be the way out of the vicious cycle that payday advances trap you in.

Larger Loan Amounts – Many payday advance companies are forced to limit the amount you can borrow. The typical maximum is about $500-600 and must be paid back within two weeks. Think Cash reviews have noted that they let their first-time borrowers take out up to $1000 and let’s them make payments on it, rather than have to pay it back all at once.

Lower Cost – Payday lenders claim they charge such high fees because of the high risk lending they’re involved in. They’re APR’s can be in the 300% range and higher. Think Cash reviews unanimously say that since you aren’t required to pay back a ThinkCash loan after two weeks, their APR is not outrageous.

Pay Over Time – You don’t have to pay back your loan all at once, unless you want to. Think Cash reviews state they let you break up your payment over 4 to 20 months with payments every two weeks. There aren’t any penalties for paying your loan off early, so if you come into some money you can knock it out and get on with your life.

Loyalty Actually Matters – A big problem when dealing with typical payday advance companies is that you never develop any credit with them. If you take out a loan 100 times you will still get the same rates and the same loan amounts as you did with the first loan. You also don’t get any positive points added to your credit when you pay off your loans on time. That’s because payday lenders don’t report your account to the credit bureaus. But ThinkCash does. There are several Think Cash reviews of people who have seen their accounts show up in a positive light on their credit report when they make their payments on time and pay their loans off.

One thing that almost all Think Cash reviews mention is that the more you use ThinkCash the better it is for you. You’ll be able to build up loyalty within their system and eventually you could be able to loan as much as $2500 and pay less in interest than you did on your first loan. This will help you weather bigger storms, and potentially rid yourself of the consumer debt trap altogether.

Think Cash reviews

You don’t have to take out a ton of money when you use ThinkCash, and we’ve seen many Think Cash reviews that show people saving money by taking out a loan to cover a bill, and they ended up paying less than they would have paid in late fees and overdraft fees. Banks are typically the worst offenders when it comes to soaring APR’s relative to how much they charge in overdraft fees for small purchases that put you past your balance. They can soar into the thousands of percents.

So many people search for no fax payday loans and instant payday advances. Many of the Think Cash reviews that we uncovered mentioned how people got an answer instantly and knew if they were eligible right away, and how much they were eligible for. You also get the cash in your account right away. If you apply Monday through Thursday you’ll get the cash the next day. If you apply on Friday you’ll have to wait till Monday, and if you apply on the weekend, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday. Some would argue that if you really need the money you can’t wait that long, but it beats paying the extra fees and having to pay it all at once by going to an offline store.

Until we find a better answer to payday loans, our Think Cash reviews will continue to be positive. We recommend them as a possible way for you to rid yourself of the horrible trap that traditional payday loan companies set for you. If you have a differing opinion, please contact us, or leave it in the comments below.

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