Top No Credit Check Loans Review

Top No Credit Check Loans ReviewIf you’re looking for Top No Credit Check Loans you probably ended up at and wondered if the information you were getting was really all that it’s cracked up to be. They obviously are trying to show up in the search results for people searching for no credit check loans because they got a domain name called an exact match domain name, just like the one we use except for they got a .com while we use a .org.

They say that this is where you can read honest reviews of the top no credit check lenders, but is that really the case? They use affiliate links for all of their “top lenders” so what is really going on here? Are they actually reviewing the sites and coming to the conclusion that they are great, or are they simply putting them on the site in hopes that you click their affiliate link and go take out a loan so that they can get a commission? It seems like the latter is likely the case, and it’s the sort of thing that happens on the Internet all to often.

We have affiliate links on our site, but we don’t tell you that the lenders are the top lenders, we give a review that is real, and we also review hundreds of other lenders in an unbiased way so that you know you’re getting real information. We also tell you that payday loans are the worst thing in the world to get, and we hope that you decide that you don’t want to take one out. Are they honest enough to tell you the truth about what these loans will do to you? No, they simply talk about the loans like the lenders do, in hopes that you take one out.

Top No Credit Check Loans Review

Top No Credit Check Loans says they’re honest, but what we see at the site is anything but. It is simply a list of payday lenders with affiliate links that they hope you click on thinking that you’re clicking on the top lenders. If they were really honest they would say that each lender is pretty much the same, with high interest rates and fees, and that you will likely get caught in a payday loan trap that takes months if not years to get out of. What’s tops about that?

Affiliate Programs
Many lenders have affiliate programs, and the rules are different for each one. One lender might pay you a small amount just for sending traffic to the site. Another lender may pay you a larger amount if they actually fill out an application. And another lender may only pay you if the visitor you send ends up taking out a loan with them. The bottom line is that they’re hoping you follow their links and complete some sort of action so that they can get paid.

How the Site Should Be
Top No Credit Check Loans should be more like the site you’re on, providing real reviews without worrying about financial compensation by the direct lender that you’re reviewing. That way there’s no conflict of interest involved, and you’re getting real information. We also open up the floor for visitors to our site to give their own experience with a lender, so you are getting the voice of the people as well as a professional review from someone that has actually been in the payday loan industry, seen how bad it is, and is here to blow the whistle on some of the worst practices going on today.

Our Recommendation
Top No Credit Check Loans may have a good domain name to attract people to the site, but unfortunately they fall short on their promise of providing honest reviews. The reviews they provide are merely there to cover up the affiliate links they use for the lenders that have affiliate programs. If a lender doesn’t have an affiliate program you can forget about reading a review at their site about them. If they have an affiliate program than presto, they just become one of the top lenders just like magic.

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