Trans Regional Credit Service Review

Trans Regional ReviewTrans Regional says they are a company that is built on integrity, and that they accept all types of credit. They say they can help you with the consolidation, getting a personal loan, taking out a consumer loan, and even getting a loan if you have bad credit. Most lenders will make the same claims, and it is interesting to see what they think makes it worth doing business with them over someone else.

They don’t have a lot of information in regards to how much you can take out, when the payments will be due, and how much the fees will be, so we can’t really see any reason why you’d want to apply with them.

Another problem is that they don’t provide a very lengthy application, so there’s no way they can make a decision based on the information you provide because they only ask you for how long you been with your employer, and how much you want to take out. They don’t ask you for your social security number so they can’t check your credit, but since they say that all credit types are accepted that doesn’t really mean much.

Trans Regional Review

It is hard to determine whether Trans Regional is a direct lender, or if they are just collecting your information so they can pass it along to a lender that can actually give you the money. This is an example of how they don’t really say too much even though there are a lot of words on their website. They say they specialize in secured and unsecured loans, so that would be helpful for those that have some collateral, as well as those that don’t. They do say that they have a number of lenders worldwide, which makes it seem like they are a matching service and a network of lenders rather than a lender themselves.

Secure Application or Not?
They say that it is 100% secure at their website, but one thing we noticed is that there is not an https in the URL window, which gives a nice feeling of security when you don’t really know the company that you are doing business with. They do have their application form on their application page, and it appears to be hosted by Wix, which uses a secure server, but it is not the most ideal situation. As stated earlier, you aren’t giving out too much information, but they do want your reference, as well as your address and phone number, including your date of birth and how much you want to take out. This information alone can’t really be used against you, but like we said before is it isn’t enough for them to get and idea of whether they can loan to you or not. This means it is going to be a slower process than with other lenders that ask for more information and are able to make a determination based on the information you provide.

Jack of All Loans
Trans Regional says they can help you with all types of loans, including student loans, home loans, auto loans, and loans to help you consolidate your loans. They say they can come in handy in times of trouble like if you are going through a divorce, or if you had a judgment filed against you, or if you are facing foreclosure, or having your car repossessed. Many times you’ll see lenders that try to be everything to everyone, but most times successful borrowers borrow from lenders that specialize in one type of loan rather than trying to provide everything under the sun.

Yahoo Email Address
One thing that we did notice that does not fare well for Trans Regional is that they are using a Yahoo email address for their business address. It doesn’t makes sense to use an email like that when you have your own website because you can easily create a business email address that looks much more professional and less Mickey Mouse.

Our Recommendation
Trans Regional is not going to get our recommendation because they do not provide enough information for the borrower to make a determination on whether they should do business with them or not. We would need to see data on the fees being charged, and also an application form that asks for enough information for them to actually make a credit decision based on the information you provide. We don’t understand why they would want to slow the process down by not asking for enough information to make a determination.

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