Trusted Payday Review

Trusted Payday ReviewTrusted Payday is a loan matching company that helps borrowers by finding the right loan product that best suits their request. They work with a network of 70 reputable lenders offering short-term goals. They accept individuals with good or bad credit and value their security and privacy. The company knows that financial emergencies happen, and they are there to help people who need immediate financial assistance. Their service benefits numerous customers because with just one application, a borrower can already access multiple lenders.

Trusted Payday Review: How It Works

The company is often mistaken as a direct loan provider, probably because of their name. It is named Trusted Payday because they take pride in dealing only with legitimate lenders with solid background in the business. It is because many scammers exist today since it is very easy to create an online personality and pretend to be a legal lender. To get started, interested borrowers can simply visit their website and go to the application form page. After inputting necessary information, they have to wait for a few minutes for their response. In as little as 30 minutes, a loan can be approved and the money deposited within 24 hours. That’s how easy and quickly you can get a loan provided you do not have any problems with eligibility.

Loan Terms
Customers or interested loan applicants should take note that Trusted Payday cannot provide specific details regarding loan terms, service fees and interest rates. These things vary from one lender to another. If they are not first-time payday loan applicants, they may already know the common guidelines loan providers have. However, exact terms and policies will come from the lender. Typically, borrowers are given 30 days or shorter to repay. The amount of money to be borrowed may depend on the borrower’s income and the lender as well.

Once a loan is approved, the loan applicant will be directed to the lender’s website for a direct transaction. In this step, customers should be careful in reviewing all information presented to them, to avoid any misunderstanding. The person involved has the option to accept or reject the loan offer. Even if he applies for a loan, the agreement has to work both ways. If the loan applicant approves, a digital signature would prove it. The money will be sent as early as 1 day.

Loan Eligibility
Again, the eligibility for a loan depends upon a particular lender. However, Trusted Payday also sets eligibility criteria to interested borrowers. An individual has to be a US resident, and lives in a state that permits payday loans. Naturally, if your state bans or restricts it, you cannot pursue your loan request and application will only be rejected. Generally, applicants should establish their ability to repay their loan request. Employment status, credit scores and income stream are some of the things that a lender would want to know from every borrower.

On the other hand, they also have some criteria for lenders. They only work with those who adhere to state and federal laws with regard to nonpayment policies. Thus, lenders dictate the implications on late and nonpayment but customers can be confident that rules are just and legal.

Our Recommendation
Financial emergencies are inevitable especially if you do not have savings left in your bank account. Good thing is that numerous lenders are offering short-term loans that often have few requirements. Payday loans are designed for employed individuals who are in immediate need of cash. They just have to prove their monthly income and promise to pay in full during the next payday. This is why payday loans are easy to apply.

Trusted Payday benefits customers because they give these people a chance to access multiple lenders after filing their online application. They can already be directed to the one that best matches their loan criteria. Since these are done online, round the clock service is offered. The company also has a 24/7 customer service ready to provide information. The website itself provides all the necessary details a borrower needs to know. FAQ section is even provided. Trusted Payday may help customers by only dealing with legit lenders who follow government regulations, since consumers, even if they are in need, have rights that should always be protected.

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