Uloanz Review

Uloanz ReviewUloanz says you can get up to $1000 into your bank account in just one hour today, and that they have a quick and easy online application that is secure. We like to check in on these claims to see if they are feasible, or if they are just marketing drivel to entice you to apply.

You’ll see similar claims made at other payday sites, and the three step process of applying, getting approved, and getting your money is used all across the industry. Essentially it is that easy, but there are a few hangup on the way. The first is that you are submitting your application to a site that you know very little about, and here they provide some very hard to read text that makes getting to know them even harder. Don’t they realize you’re trying to decide if you should go with them or not?

With so many options available when it comes to places that aren’t lenders and only forward your information to lenders? Some other sites have all their ducks in a row, have a secure site with an https in the URL, and provide a ton of high-quality additional information so that you feel comfortable sending off your personal data. There are other companies that have excellent customer service that will be a big help when you have any questions. But not here, they don’t have any of that.

Uloanz Review – Major Selling Points

Uloanz tries to say that you will get your money in an hour, and the same day. This is something that just can’t be done, and almost every single payday lender out there says the next day for the simple fact that even if they do get you approved today, the money will likely not hit your account until tomorrow. So right off the bat we see that they are pretty much just hyping up their service in an attempt to get you to apply so they can collect their finder’s fee.

Make a Fast Buck?
They actually refer to their service as making a fast buck, which just goes to show you how out of touch they are with reality. Taking out a loan is not making a fast buck, unless you are the payday lender because all you will end up doing is paying for the use of some cash in the short term. In the long term the lender makes the fast buck off of your loan, essentially providing no product, just letting you borrow some money for a short time and then making money for letting you do so.

But what is really going on hits a deeper level. They are trying to tap into your idea of this being fast cash, which it may very well be if you can get it within a day or two, but you’ll be paying heavily for that convenience. You’ll also be likely to take the money out again after you repay it, taking on more and more fees each time you do so.

Secure Site or Not?
They say their application is secure, but there is no https in the URL window, so it’s not clear if it is or it isn’t. They may be using an embedded application that is hosted securely, but why not take the step to host the site securely. This is a fairly easy process for a website owner and comes with a nominal fee. To us this shows that they just don’t have your best interests in mind and are just in this to make money off of your application, providing little value in return for your sensitive information.

Our Recommendation
Uloanz is not getting our recommendation because they don’t bring a lot of value to the table. The articles they provide for further information are so poorly written that they are are able to be read, the application may or may not be secure, and we’d say that it’s best to avoid it because you can’t be sure. And they flat out mislead the borrower into thinking that they’re going to get money today, when the lenders have no control over when funds are released by banks.

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