Uncle Buck Payday Loan Reviews

Uncle Buck Payday Loan ReviewsUncle Buck payday loans says they can get you started with just a 3 minute application, make a quick decision, and get you financed within the hour. Sounds great, and is very similar to the claims that other payday lenders make, so how can you know which one to go with?

As it turns out there are several features that can help you determine whether you should go with a payday lender or not. You can see if they have the contact information readily available, whether they are hosting their application form on an encrypted webpage, and whether they are a direct lender or simply a matching service.

They are trying to make it seem like Uncle Buck is the rich uncle you probably wish you had. He is a fictional character that looks a bit like Mr. Monopoly, monocle and all.

Uncle Buck Payday Loan Reviews – Worthy of Your Business

Everything we verified checks out with Uncle Buck, and we’ve deemed them worthy of your business. They have a secure application page, and they live up to their promises made on the home page. There are no problems as far as we could determine, and this is the sort of lender you are looking for, a direct lender that is not a broker and can make a fast decision and get cash into your account.

If you are a new customer your limit will be set at 400 quid, and subsequent loans can be higher as long as your income justifies it. The limit after that is 1000 pounds, which should be able to get most people out of a short-term financial jam. If you need to borrow more than this a payday loan is likely not the right tool for you. You may want to visit your bank or seek out a loan from some other source so that you’ll have more time to pay it off with monthly payments.

It’s important to understand the limits are in place for your benefit, not so much the lenders. They’re running their calculations based on the likelihood of your ability to repay the loan on your payday. They want you to be able to pay the loan back, but they also want you to reloan from them so the limits are set accordingly. By having a smaller first time limit, they are reducing the chances of lending to people who aren’t going to pay them back, and are minimizing their losses in case they don’t see the money again.

The requirements are very normal, and you’ll see the same kind of things being requested from all lenders. They want you to be over 18 years old, and of course they want you to have a current job so they can get their money back on your payday. They also want you to have a bank account, and one extra thing that might cause a problem for some people, they want you to have a debit card linked to that account.

Direct Lender
Make it a point to know that they’re not a broker and in fact will be lending you the money directly. This is an important distinction, because brokers will have to farm your information out to direct lenders who will then make an offer to you. But dealing direct you cut out that unnecessary time and can typically get a faster decision, with less down time. Of course if you don’t get approved, you’ve wasted your time, and sometimes a broker makes more sense since you can apply to many lenders at a time.

But on the other hand going direct can make more sense because you are only sharing information with one lender at a time. This helps keep things more confidential and secure, and chances are you’ll get approved with the first lender, so your information isn’t shared with so many people.

Our Recommendation
We fully recommend going with Uncle Buck payday loans. They’re doing everything right as far as providing a nice user interface, a secure application form, and courteous customer service. They have a long track record of success, and since they’re a direct lender you don’t have to worry about dozens or even hundreds of lenders getting your information.

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