United Lending Services Review

United Lending Services ReviewUnited Lending Services is not a payday lender, but rather a company that can assist you in getting a loan, even if you have bad credit. They are basically an alternative to payday loans, even if you think that you have no alternatives.

Often it’s easy to get in a defeatist mentality about your credit and feel like it’s never going to get better and it’s going to haunt you all the days of your life. But taking steps to repair your credit, using the financial products you do have more wisely, and using services like this one that can find you regular loans with better rates, is part of the process of turning things around.

United Lending Services Review – What They Do

United Lending Services keeps a network of lenders at the ready that are interested in loaning to those with subprime credit. Subprime just means you don’t have the best credit, and ironically it’s where the large majority of people fall into. Lenders realize that if they take on a bit of risk they will be able to make up for it by appealing to a larger number of potential borrowers. If you’re looking to make a fresh start and have turned the page on abusing your credit and want a fresh start, this may be the place to go.

Loans Offered
The most interesting thing about the loans that ULS can get you is the variety. Check out some of the loans they can help you get, even if you don’t have the best credit in the world.

Personal loans – These are sometimes called signature loans, and they’re the kind of loans that those with good credit can get from the bank. They don’t require collateral in many instances, and they are paid off in installments, unlike payday loans that are paid all at once and keep you stuck in a cycle.

Home equity loans – If you thought your credit wasn’t good enough to borrow against the equity in your home, they can help you with this type of loan too. These loans used to be easier to get before the housing bubble burst, but they are still possible.

Debt Re-consolidation loans – These loans can help you by getting all of your debt under one loan so you just have to worry about making one payment. In many instances this can help to improve your credit because it will pay off lines of credit and leave you with just one account that you can keep in good standing.

Lines of Credit – If you’ve never thought that anyone would give you a line of credit because of your poor credit score or poor credit history, they may be able to help you get them.

Military loans – This is extremely helpful since military members are not allowed to take out payday loans due to federal regulations.

Automotive loans – Getting an auto loan with bad credit usually means you’re getting less car than you could, or you’re paying more for the same car than anyone else would.

Mortgages – Don’t let your bad credit stand in the way of getting you the home you want. You also don’t want to be taken advantage of and end up paying more for your home because of your credit. That can lead to disaster if you ever find yourself upside down, or underwater as they call it, on your loan.

Online Payment Processing
United Lending Services allows you to make payments on your loan online, so it’s very convenient if you end up going with them, and this means you have a higher likelihood of paying the loan as agreed and improving your credit as you go along.

Our Recommendation
You owe it to yourself to check out what United Lending Services can offer you. Of course, they are trying to make money as well, but they seem to have your best interests in mind, and are showing you a different way of borrowing than you might be used to. Be open to change and be open to the idea that you don’t always need to take out a payday loan if there are other viable options available to you. At least hear what they have to say before making up your mind.

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