United States Credit Review

United States Credit ReviewUnited States Credit promises to change the way Americans get credit by quickly showing them which offers are available based on your credit score.

It’s not very often that you see a site like this that is easy to use and clearly displays the different lenders that you have available to you. Most times a middle man wants to collect your information via an application form, and then send the information to the lenders. In this case they are pretty much showing you which lender you will be doing business with before you fill out the application.

United States Credit Review – What They Feature

United States Credit has a unique feature: they have a sliding scale that you can adjust to match your credit score, and watch the different lenders change as you move throughout the different credit scores. The idea is that as you move the credit score up or down the lenders will change to fit that score. It is no mystery that lenders care greatly about your credit score and will offer you better terms and rates if you have a better credit score. Some lenders won’t even lend to someone with a poor credit score, so it is important not to waste your time applying at a lender that you will not qualify for.

The only thing is they currently have 5 lenders to choose from so there are instances where they will not have a lender that will lend to you because your credit score is too low. For example, if you slide the scale from the lowest to highest credit score you’ll notice that Spring Leaf is still the lender that they are recommending. This is probably because Spring Leaf gives them the highest commission of all the lenders that represent.

A Needed Service
It would be great to have a service like this that helps you save time by reducing the amount of potential lenders to only those that will work with you, and the ones that will give you the best loan for your credit rating. Not all lenders are created equally when it comes to who they will lend too, so you can waste a considerable amount of time applying at lenders that will not give you money after they see your credit score, or financial situation.

If you only spend time applying at lenders that are known to lend to borrowers with poor credit, you will have a better chance of getting approved, and will spend less time whittling down the amount of lenders that you’ll apply to.

A Solid Concept
United States Credit has a very good idea here because something needs to be done in regards to the vast amount of creditors out there, and the wide range of qualifications they have. Since every borrower is different, it only makes sense that there are some lenders that will see them better than others. In a perfect world it would be clearly displayed which lender a borrower should go with, but that’s simply not the case. A service like this goes a long way to help those that feel lost during the process, and need help being pointed in the right direction as far as who they should lend from.

Not a Lender Themselves
It’s important to note that they don’t really provide any loans themselves, but rather they exist in order to give you the information you need in a user friendly format so that you can quickly drill down to lenders that want to do business with you. Nothing is more frustrating than filling out application after application in an attempt to get a loan, only to find out that you are applying at a lender that has requirements that you don’t fulfill.

Our Recommendation
While based on a solid concept, it seems that United States Credit is more interested in setting you up with a specific lender rather than tailoring the process to fit your specific credit needs. It can be handy to quickly narrow down which lenders to choose from, but it would be nice if they expanded their network of lenders to include all of the lenders that are available, rather than just the select few they’ve chosen to represent.

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