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USA Payday ReviewUSA Payday says it can get you up to $1000 by tomorrow due to their network of lenders that is ready to do business with borrowers that might not have the best credit. They offer loans in increments of $100 from $300 to $1000 so they can be helpful in many situations where cash becomes tight.

But since there are so many different matching services to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? It turns out that there are some basic criteria you can use to filter lousy matching services from the good ones. The first thing you want to check is to make sure that you information is being kept secure and confidential. What we see here is that USA Payday has their entire site encrypted, even the home page, so you can fill in the forms they require and not worry that some third party hacker is going to get your info.

They say you’ll be approved in minutes, and we see this claim being made a lot in the payday loan industry. Usually it’s not true, considering that they’re sending out your information to lenders, and it takes time for them to give their yea or nea regarding your application. Most of the time we notice that it takes about an hour to get a response from lenders, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a bit longer than a few minutes.

USA Payday Review – Top Features

The best feature of USA Payday is that they streamline the process down to just three steps. First, you fill out their application, the next step is getting approved by a lender and accepting their offer, and the third step is awaiting the funds to hit your account. There isn’t any faxing involved that they mention, so this would be an example of a faxless payday process.

Not a Lender
Keep in mind that USA Payday is not a direct lender, and will not be the ones lending you the money. They are merely a go-between for you and the lender you end up going with. Direct lenders are usually not very interested in maintaining a website and collecting user data, so they rely on partnering up with matching services like this one to get your information and pass it along. As part of the process USA Payday gets a fee from the lender for directing the lead to them. The fee is paid by the lender which keeps it free for you, and doesn’t increase the cost of your loan.

No Guarantee of Rates
They can’t say what rate you’ll be paying up front, because they don’t know which state you’re in or which lender you’ll be doing business with. That’s why it’s important to check the lender’s offer against the state laws and regulations where you live. If you can get a better rate from the local lender down the street, it’s probably best to go with them. At the very least you should use those rates as a benchmark for the most that you should be paying for a loan.

The requirements are the same here as they are at most payday lenders, you have to be an adult 18 years or older, have a steady job with regular income, a checking account that isn’t closed, and an email address for corresponding. There are certain states where they don’t allow you to take out a loan, so check to see if your state is one of those in order to save wasted time from filling out the application.

Our Recommendation
USA Payday has done their best to provide a user friendly website for you to enter your information and secure a loan. Like any matching service, they aren’t really interested in you as a customer, they just want to collect your information in hopes that you might take out a loan from a lender in their network so they can get paid. That being what it is, they are doing a good job of presenting the process in a clear manner, and disclosing that they are not an actual lender so they can’t be held liable for anything that happens between you and the lender you end up going with.

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