uStarCash Review

uStarCash ReviewuStarCash guns you can borrow between 100 and 1000 dollars and then they have instant approval so you’ll have to wait for an answer. They say you can borrow the money for any reason and that the online application means you don’t have to fax anything in. They claim to be a US based company and they say they offer fast cash loans particularly focusing on payday loan and they say that they are one of the best options you have for instant lending.

Like many lenders they say that there a process can be broken down into just 3 easy steps. The first is you fill out the online form, then they say you wait less than one hour for approval, and finally you will receive the money in your bank account. So what we have is a contradiction right on the first page of the site because they say that you have instant approval and at the same time they say that you have to wait less than one hour for approval.

Instant approval means you shouldn’t have to wait at all, so they should not claim to have instant approval if they openly admit that it will take up to an hour for you to be approved. One thing we also noticed is that they provide some information about payday loans but this information is pretty general and generic and likely will not help most people that need information on payday loans.

They do have a section on how the process works but this also is pretty general and includes basic information like you need to be a US citizen and over 18 years old and have a job in order to get one of the loans they offer.

One thing you will probably notice if you search for payday loans long enough is that all of the companies are very similar and they promised you pretty much the same thing. They know that you want the money very fast, and that you want an easy and application process so that is what they promised you on their homepage. But once you get into the site you start to see some problems that are too big to overlook.

uStarCash Review

uStarCash has the obligation to offer you more than what their competitors are offering you, but unfortunately they just don’t seem to measure up. Money is money, it all spend the same, so these lenders need to go the extra mile and give you a stellar customer service experience in order to win your business. We are not seeing that here, in fact we were unable to locate any sort of customer service information or get in touch with anyone representing the company because that information simply isn’t provided on their website.

They’re asking for a lot of your personal information, as well as your contact and employment information, and even your banking information. This is a lot of information and data for you to provide to a company that doesn’t provide you with much information about them at all. It needs to be a win-win situation for everyone, and if you are the only one giving then it is pretty much set up so that you are the only one that can lose in this situation. We do not recommend getting involved with companies are not provide enough information about themselves to feel comfortable doing business with them.

No Customer Service?
One area of concern is their customer service because they have a link on their website that says customer service team, but when you click on it it simply takes you to the home page where there are no options for getting in touch with customer service. this is quite troublesome because chances are you will run into a question or need more information on something and you won’t be able to get in touch with anyone because they don’t offer a phone number, email address, or even a contact form in order to you get in touch with them. You are basically only given the option of filling out the application which is not hosted on a secure server, but rather relies on an embedded application so it is unclear where you are actually applying.

Our Recommendation
uStarCash does not get our recommendation as a quality service because of a few glaring problems. First of all they don’t have any way for you to get in touch with them other than through their application page. Their application is not hosted by them on a secure server but rather embedded an application into the page and is hosted elsewhere.

Most legitimate businesses will have a secure website to host their application so that they can receive the information directly without having to use the services of a third party to process the application. Also we were unable to find any information regarding what sort of services this is, like whether it is a matching service or a direct lender. They do not have an About Us page, or any information that says what kind of corporation they are and where they are located.

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