Virginia Payday Loans

Virginia payday loans enjoy a legal status in the state. You generally get loans from the financial institutions dealing in lending and borrowing money. The state law requires Virginia payday loans companies to be licensed in order to continue with their payday loan lending business. If you are dealing with a reputable company it can not lend you more than $500. This is because $500 is the legally settled limit and if any company offers you more than this you are suggested to be cautious of it.

These lenders can charge you a fee of $15 on the face value of the loan amount. The minimum time for which you can get the loan is 7 days. If you borrow a payday loan of $100 for 14 days the lender can charge you 15% on the total amount of loan i.e. it will be $15. The calculated APR will be 390%. In addition to this Virginia payday loans lenders are allowed to charge you $25 as fees for non sufficient funds on the date due for the payment of the payday loan. Then $20 can be charged as collection fees.

You are not allowed to renew your Virginia payday loans. In other words, the state law prohibits rolling over of Virginia payday loans. Rolling over includes payment of the fees of the loan each time you seek renewal of the loan. Rolling over as a matter of fact is a means of exploitation with the lenders. The Virginia payday loans laws in this way seem to be borrower friendly. Virginia payday loans lending companies must provide in a conspicuous manner the APR and the fees that it charges on a particular loan amount. The terms of loan be reduced to writing and must be signed by you and lender.

virginia payday loans

Virginia Payday Loans: Laws & Regulations

Check Into Cash Advance Centers

This Virginia payday loans provider offers a wide arrangement of financial products and services. This includes wire transfer, paying bills, and loans services from personal to title and auto loans. They are into check cashing also and provide payday loans as well. The procedure to apply for a payday loan is simple. They claim themselves to be your one-stop money shop. They have been providing loan lending services since 1993. You can either visit their branch office nearest you or apply online. They provide you cash in a short span of time in your emergency. You just have to provide them with some very basic information about you. Give them a call at 703-360-5616 or visit their website at

Check City

This Virginia payday loans company offers a big arrangement of financial products and services. They claim to help their customers in tax planning. They provide for loan refunding, check cashing and providing payday loans, title loans, money orders etc. They even buy gold. This lender claims itself to be the largest and nicest store in Baltimore. They claim to keep their premises clean for their customers. They claim to be in services for more than 25 years. You can easily get their services by applying online. Their online application procedure is simple. You can get easy money credited to your account. Just provide them with some basic information about yourself. Give them a call at 866-294-4672 or visit their website at

Allied Cash Advance

This Virginia payday loans lender provides for many facilities like payday loans; check cashing, tax planning and insurance facilities. They ask you to furnish basic information about you such as driver’s license, active check account, and regular income. Their approval process is very fast. They claim to provide industry best practices and adhere to special code of standards. They claim to provide superior service and support to their customers. They have been in the cash advancing business for the last 11 years. If in need, visit their local branch at Alexandria or just make use of their easy online application. Give them a call at 703-360-2244 or visit their website at

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