Washington Payday Loans

In the case of Washington payday loans they have many factors that make it one of the better states to get a payday advance in. The most that you are able to borrow is $700 or if you don’t make very much per month, they’ll use a 30% cap in order to determine your personal maximum.

For example you’d have to make about $2,350 every month in order to qualify for the full amount allowed by the state. If you only make $1,500 a month you would only be qualified to borrow $450. This might not sound fair, but it is put into place to prevent you from getting into the cycle of borrowing and then paying back, only to re-borrow the Washington payday loans money again and again.

Washington payday loans have a state-run database so they’ll be able to track all of your lending and be sure that you are using the proper loan information. There is a limit to how many Washington payday loans you can take out in any twelve month period, and that limit is 8. You can get an installment plan if you are not able to pay your loan back, but you won’t be able to get another advance until you are finished paying your Washington payday loans installment plan.

When collecting on the loan the lender may not harass you. The great part about Washington payday loans is that you can extend your due date up to 45 days. This helps greatly in your ability to organize your funds and truly get out of the bad financial situation.

washington payday loans

Washington Payday Loans & Laws

Here are some things to keep in mind before you get Washington payday loans. Always call this toll free number to verify the license of the lender you are considering: 877-RING-DFI. Mull over your situation and decide if a paycheck advance is your only alternative. Do some comparison shopping below and see which lender fits you best. Borrow only what you can see yourself paying back. Try not to take out more than one Washington payday loans at a time, and be sure you know when the payment is due. Be sure to pay the loan back on or before it’s due date, or you’ll only end up with more financial problems and stress.


They claim to be the number one Washington payday loans company for the purpose of cashing a check, getting a payday advance, and getting other financial services. They say that if you need cash, but your payday is still too far away, that you should consider a payday loan and get your application started online right away. Their mission is to be the premier financial services retailer by blowing away your expectations and making positive contributions to the local community. They claim that their employees all have a commitment to their core mission and live it every day. They put lots of focus on the needs of their customers and continually try to make sure that they are doing the best job possible. Call them at 800-745-1011 or visit www.moneytreeinc.com.

Check Masters

There is fierce competition when it comes to getting financial services and Washington payday loans. This company recognizes that you have many choices when thinking about getting a payday advance. In recent years it seems just about everyone is offering the service. They are hoping that the atmosphere they provide in their stores will make people see that they are the best choice. They opened over 20 years ago and since that time they have opened more than an additional 20 stores. They place a lot of value in their employees and they train them properly and provide professional support as well as personal help to keep them productive and happy, as well as loyal to the cause. All customers that walk through their doors, they say, should be treated well by their employees, and their regular customers are greeted by their name. Call them at 877-627-8377 or visit www.check-masters.com.

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