We Approve Fast Review

We Approve Fast ReviewWe Approve Fast puts all of the focus on getting approved quickly, and even says they offer instant approval. We have seen a lot of companies that say they will be able to get you approved quickly, but this is the first time we’ve seen such a high importance placed on it.

We understand that getting approved quickly is the name of the game when it comes to pay day loans because you generally need the money like yesterday. That’s why it is not surprising to see that this company is promising that you’ll be able to get a fast approval. Let’s not confuse getting approved quickly with getting your money quickly. The fact that you get approved is not the same as getting your money, it just means the process gets started quickly.

The other factor to consider and how long it will take your money to arrive into your bank account. That is something that the lender cannot control, they can only control how quickly they send the money to you. It could be several days later, especially if you get approved on a holiday or over the weekend.

They also say that you don’t have to fax anything in in order to apply and that they don’t run your credit as a determining factor for getting the loan. These are claims that almost every single company out there makes, so they are just basically keeping up with the industry. It’s important to understand that these are just things that are said in order to get you to complete the application, and the way the actual process really works might be different than what is promoted on the site.

We Approve Fast Review – Fast Approval?

We Approve Fast says you can get $1000 in 1 hour, but there is an asterisk next to that claim. The fine print says that they are not a lender so they really don’t have any control over how fast you get your money, or how fast you will get approved. That is why it is something you can take with a grain of salt, because obviously they are only trying to get you to fill out the application form, and therefore are willing to say just about anything in order to achieve that goal.

The Real Process
What really will happen is you’ll submit their application form, and they will submit that to actual lenders. Each of those lenders will have their own guidelines in place as far as whether they will want to loan money to you or not. That process is not going to be instant because someone will need to approve the transaction. Most likely what they are talking about when they are talking about instant approval is an instant pre approval. This involves looking at your basic information and making a quick determination as to whether or not you will be able to receive the money.

Not a Lender
Since they are not a lender you won’t be you doing any actual business with them, making it a little strange to sum them up as to whether or not they will be a good company to go with. The reality of the situation is you won’t actually be doing business with them once you submit the application and send it off. They will not send you any money, they will only take your information and profit off it. There are two types of businesses basically, ones like this that collect your information, and direct lenders that can send you the money into your account. It’s important not to confuse the two because they are really two separate entities.

Our Recommendation
We Approve Fast is one of literally hundreds of websites that are serving as the middleman when it comes to taking out a payday loan. Rather than trying to make their own website and find borrowers on their own, many lenders will rely on a service like this that sends them leads from borrowers that are looking to get money quickly. You should be picky about the kind of company you go with when it comes to financial matters, and there are so many different matching services that it is hard to recommend any one over another.

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