We Give Cash Reviews

We Give Cash ReviewsWe Give Cash says that you can get cash in one hour, and that they don’t do a credit check.

They also say that it only takes 3 minutes to fill out their application, and by filling it out online you avoid waiting in lines at a retail lender, and you don’t have the hassle of having to return with the money on your payday.

They go on to say that you get approved instantly, and that their application process is safe and secure. They say that if you have good or bad credit you’ll still be able to get a loan. That’s pretty much the point of a payday loan though, it’s a way to get a loan regardless of your credit worthiness, since you’re using your job as your collateral and paying higher interest.

We Give Cash Reviews

We Give Cash is not a lender, and you won’t be doing any business with them. They exist to provide you a gateway to a network of lenders, one of which will present you with a loan option. They say that they will find a lender that is most likely to lend to you based on your situation and the information you provide. This can include items like your monthly income and the amount of the loan you’ve requested. There are also some lenders that are more likely than others to lend to those with bad credit.

They also say that your credit standing is not important, that they have lenders who will lend to anyone, regardless of credit. This is important when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and just need a little bit of cash to squeak by until your next payday. If you’ve got bad credit it can be hard to find someone that will lend to you, but in this case it’s your job that makes you a viable candidate.

Important Information
If you choose to apply at We Give Cash be sure to click the link that takes you to a secure application. When you first click on Apply Now you will be taken to an insecure page. It wouldn’t be prudent to fill your information out on that page, as it’s not encrypted. They have a link near the top left of the page that says Click for Secure Application. When you click that you’re taken to an SSL encrypted page that starts with https. You can then proceed to give them the details they need to size you up for a loan.

Direct or Matching Service
It’s up to you whether you want to apply directly with a lender or use a service like this. The benefit of filling out an application directly with a lender is that you have more control over what is done with your information. Often these lenders will keep it strictly private, especially if you opt out of special offers. However, when you give up your info to a matching service you don’t really know how many eyeballs are going to see it, or how much spam is going to come your way.

Situations When This Makes Sense
Lenders like to say that it’s a good idea to use a payday loan service, but most times it’s not. The times when it does make sense is when the amount of the fees for the loan is less than overdraft fees, late fees, or if you need to fix your car to get you back and forth to work in order to keep the money coming in. But what you have to watch out for is getting caught in the payday loan trap, which often makes this a bad idea.

For example, if you have to keep re-loaning the same money, and paying the fees again and again, it might have been smarter just to take a late fee or two, or let your account go into the red and cover the overdraft fee, and then just fix things as you go along. Unless you have a bank that charges you a daily fee for each day that your account stays in the negative, then you’re better off getting a loan and getting it back to where it belongs.

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